Using Natural Hair Dye to Cover Gray: 5 Things You Need to Know


Are those greys in the hairs popping out of nowhere marring your fashion statements? Well, do away with frustrating greys as you try out a Natural Hair Dye that works as the best alternative with the hint of further doubts. This range of organic hair dyes like that of the completely organic indigo hair dye caters to the intricate needs of the scalp and hairs with perfection while providing for excellent grey coverage. There are certain things that you need to know while using a Natural Hair Dye to cover greys that promises the best results in the said respect.

 Things You Need To Know While Using A Natural Hair Dye For Covering Greys

Here are the 5 most important things that you need to know while using a Natural Hair Dye for covering up those irritating grey stands of the hairs:

 # 1: Final Result Of The Colour Shade Is Dependant On Your Hair Texture

Like, Indigo Hair Dye happens to be a natural remedy to cover up the greys effectively and also the same Indigo powder can get you an amazing range of natural tints. In case you are eager to experiment with a host of shades, try mixing the indigo powder with henna and the same powder, when mixed with a said proportion of Henna powder works as natural black henna for the matter. So if you are eager to colour your grey hairs jet black that successfully covers up the greys, then look young with the said application of this black henna hair dye. Before taking the pick with the right kind of shade, consider your hair texture for the final result of the natural hair colour depends on the texture and its ability to absorb colour and as a result, the result of the colour shade varies from person to person.

# 2: Natural Hair Dyes Helps Add To The Hair Volume And Health

It comes as an added bonus as the natural hair dyes helps add to the hair volume while giving you fuller, thicker and stronger hairs in the endeavour. Indigo Hair Dye contains no added chemicals and thus, helps to deposit the colour on the outer surface of the hair and it doesn’t penetrate the hair shafts in comparison. This forms a protective layer on the hairs that adds to the hair health and volume in an effective manner while providing for effective grey coverage.

# 3: Natural Hair Dyes Needs To Be Applied On Washed Hairs

This makes for an important requirement if you are applying natural hair colour for covering up those greys. You need to learn to apply the natural hair dye on clean and moist hairs. Make sure to wash your hairs before application of the herbal hair dye for better results in terms of grey coverage.

 # 4: You Can Dampen The Colour Shade With A Conditioner

In case you are not happy with the result of the tint of grey coverage, then you can choose to tweak the result with a deep conditioner that is known to dampen the hair colour shade of the natural hair dye like that of the Indigo Hair Dye.

# 5: Use Beer Rinse For Best Results

Opt for the beer rinse after you are done with the application process of the Natural Hair Dye for covering up those greys. Rinse your hairs with beer to get softer, silkier and smoother tresses as you effectively bid goodbye to those greys with a natural hair dye.

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