Using A Financial Model Template And Other Financial Modeling Excel Templates

by Jason Varner Financial Projections Template
Building a financial model for your business or potential investments is important to ensure the profitability and the financial feasibility of both. This is to make sure that your money won’t go to waste as you pour it in the business not knowing if it will last long or if it will generate enough profit to garner you a substantial return in the future.

There are choices which you can make to have a financial model for your business. First is you make it yourself and spend a lot of time creating from scratch. A process which will take a very long time and might also be inefficient if you don’t have enough financial modeling experience and enough industry know-how to make the financial model useful. Next choice would be to hire a professional financial modeler to create a new financial model for you. This choice will cost you a huge amount of money due to high professional fees which you can’t avoid if you want a professional made model which is much more reliable compared to ones that you did on your own.

The third and a much more ideal choice for you is to utilize a financial model template and other financial modeling Excel templates. As for why? The following are the reasons:

• Trust – Handing over the details about your business financials to others can be an issue regarding trust. It is much better to do it yourself plus this will also teach you and learn more about how to run your business and have a better understanding on how to increase your investment’s returns. 

• Financial Modeling know-how – You don’t have to be an expert in Financial Modeling to create a financial model. Since the template will provide the components in a financial model, included with charts and visuals for a better presentation of the business’s or investment’s standing. These templates are also made by experts in financial modeling and you don’t have to pay them for their services, for you only need to download the financial model template for you to fill up the needed figures and customize according to your requirements.

• Automatic Calculator – What’s a lot better than an automatic calculator doing all the manual calculating you would have to do without the template? Since the model comes in Excel form, all calculations are explained on how the resulting values came about.

• Easy to Edit – Excel is a flexible tool which allows any user to customize it accordingly and update it whenever. You’ll also have full transparency, so you won’t be confused how the values are calculated.

• Less Cost and Reusable – This is the best reason. You can reuse the template for whenever you need an excel financial model for the same or related kind of business and you don’t have to pay again nor hire an expert to complete the model.

If you are running a business and looking for a platform where you can acquire or download Excel financial model template and find other financial modeling examples, you can simply visit eFinancialModels. eFinancialModels is a platform providing a wide range of industry-specific Financial Model Templates made by financial modeling experts with a vast experience in financial modeling and a substantial industry know-how. To download an Excel financial model template and other financial modeling examples, you can check out this list: Financial Model Templates in Excel.

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