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Reddit can be said as the best way to find in and out happenings around the world. It’s basically a collection made up from different links submitted by users, providing the detailed sort of information from all over the world. I bet you it will be hard to tear yourself once you go with Reddit. The one thing that drives a huge audience to Reddit is being anonymous which lets everyone to share their opinions freely on hundreds of different topics. It’s an open platform for an audience.


 Let’s get a ride on some of its alternative that everyone should know

1. Quora

Quora is largely a highbrowed question and answer site covers a wide range of topics from technologies to politics to places to religion to food and what not. It has always been a place for quick-witted conversations that sprouted from the simple questions but deep meaning. A Quora is a platform where a user asks a question and all other users can share their answer if they feel to explore the topic. All you need to do is select the topic you’re interested in and then just share your question or answer according to your wish. Also, with the selection of topic, you will receive all the questions and queries related to your topics. An answering question will increase your level. Quora leads you to have a healthy discussion with your peers, as so many experienced people coming together forming an amazing community.

2. 4Chan

4Chan is similar to Reddit the only difference here is, it allows users to post images on their favorite board and people can give the reviews and share the post. Here you don’t need an account to share and post comments on the images, anyone and everyone can do it. Without a registered account you can participate in your favorite community.  4Chan has made a different board for every single thing you can think of like music, videos, movies, politics, games, and what not. You can do anything anonymously by using any name you want.

3. Product Hunt

Product Hunt is exactly what its name suggests, it's like a user hunts for the perfect product in a market, and for that Product Hunt from the latest technologies to the astonishing games delivers the best of it. You can get a list of almost all the products available in the market which includes the best websites design, popular mobile apps, the games and a lot more especially in the technology sector. Here users can create their own list and can share it with the world. Here the experts of technology share facts regarding technology and where others can give their opinion. From the games or tech products, prospectives Product Hunt will be preferable.

4. StumbleUpon

Nothing could beat StumbleUpon when it comes to discovering the newest stuff on the internet that you are looking for as it is said as the best of all websites for the amazing stuff submitted by different people all over the world. Here, a one actually stumbles just because of some amazing contents provided by users. Here users can submit different news, stories, discoveries etc and all stumblers can see the submitted content. The main moto if StumbleUpon is to keep stumbling until you find some interesting content.

5. Slashdot

Whenever you want to get all the latest technology news then all you need to do is just bookmark Slashdot on your browser. Slashdot comes with all the newest technologies news from thousands of different sources however if you do it by yourself finding each news it will really be painful. You can just visit this single site and get all the stuff over here. Additionally, a user can take part in discussion and comment for sharing your opinion.

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All these can be said as an alternative to the Reddit. Having a Reddit clone with the customized features you need for your website/app will be a way better option for your startup. Such social bookmarking software is being popular this day. Briefing you about the social bookmarking software, it is a way where users can store, organize, and manage “bookmarks” of web pages. Users save the link of the pages that they like or want to share with help of social bookmarking sites.


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