Useful Tips on How to Attend Funeral Services

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One very sad fact associated with funeral services is that no one can prepare himself fully to tackle the emotional aspect related to it. However, there are several steps that visitors can take to show respect to the deceased and to show the bereaved family that they are with them in these hard times. In this post, we have presented some tips related to etiquettes to be followed while visiting the funeral services.

What to Wear At the Funeral?

  • This is often considered a really tough question to answer as often no one has an appropriate answer to this.
  • However, one thing that people need to remember is that at such events, no one is going to judge you on the basis of your attire.
  • Basically, what they will see is how much caring, supporting and emotional you were at the event rather than what you were wearing.
  • But still, there are some unstated rules to follow that say that you should avoid wearing bright and shining colours and rely upon dull colours or basically, stick with black or white.
  • Other them this, your attempt should be to wear clean, appropriate, conservative clothing, and clothing that is comfortable for you.

Where to Sit At the Funeral?

  • This question is often there in the minds of those not visiting such events on a frequent basis.
  • In this regards, it is important to know that that during funeral services, the first row or two of seats or pews are usually reserved for the immediate family of the deceased.
  • If you are finding yourself sitting isolated at one side of the room, you should not mind inviting others to sit around you or in the row where you are sitting.
  • The bottom-line is that no matter where you sit, you should not go towards the reserved seats unless you are from the family, friends or close relatives of the decease.
  • If you find that the first rows are occupied, you should feel comfortable asking people to move.
  • If you don't feel comfortable asking people to move seats, ask a friend to help.

Greeting People at the Funeral

  • This is another thing regarding which people are often found utterly confused about as they think that there are some specific rules to be followed related to this.
  • However, the fact is that there are no hard and fast rules and you should be prepared to say a gentle "hello" to those coming across you.
  • If someone is offering you condolences because you are from the family of the deceased, you can respond to them very softly and gently.
  • There is no such rule that you have to greet everyone present there at the event or funeral services and this rule applies more when the event is grand and there are lots and lots of people attending it.
  • Moreover, when you do greet people, don’t feel like you have to have a lengthy conversation, unless you know someone really well.
  • Otherwise, a simple "Hello" and "Thank You for Visiting" would be enough and do the needed.

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