Useful Astrology Tips for Career, Pre-Birth and Janam Kundali

by Basant V. Live Astrology Consultation Services in India

Astrology is considered as the divination influenced by the changing position of the planets and stars affect human affairs. In simple term, astrology believes that it is the planets and the stars that lead to troubles and happiness among individuals, and not a sign that is located behind the sun when a person is born.

Career Astrology Consultation

With the study of the movements and relative positions of the celestial bodies that influence humans to believe in it. There is a lot of predictive astrology and career astrology is one of them, Career astrology focuses on how your zodiac sign influences your career. Your astrology analyses your career life by studying the birth chart that focuses on income through your career or profession. The birth chart represents your job status by analyzing or doing astrology. There are lots of astrology experts exist in the world but now in this era India’s best online astrologers are famous to hire and they treat your astro-problem very deeply.

Apart from this, the positioning of certain planets like Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury dictate your career future in many ways:

       Saturn tells you about your quality of work, ability to improve your service and work ethics.

       Jupiter will tell you about your wealth and ways of using past life merit.

       Mercury will dictate your job details. It will tell you your numbers, your communication skills and how well you are able to take up new opportunities in the workplace.

Even though we all make our own career choices, it is important to know what career suits your zodiac sign. This is because it will help you understand what types of careers are good for you and what is not. As a result, you will be able to make a more informed decision when it comes to choosing your choice of profession.

Astrologer provides consultation on online basis also as the technology has advanced lookout there are possibilities to take the chance to talk to the astrologer from one phone call, video call or text messages. The astrologer guides the customer to take the right path in career decision and make life worth living. By taking the guidance of astrology, it becomes smooth and successful to take a career decision which is vital to lead a good life.

There are ups and downs that everyone faces in their career and the astrologer helps you to be out of the career problems within a few days. The astrologer understands the good and difficult phase in your career and tries to solve it with instant remedies. If you are stuck in your job or business, then you can gain the information which will help you smoothly to divert your route to reach the desired destination. This service of astrology changes everything related to your career. The career astrology consultation helps you with their service to overcome your career situations and hurdles in life.

Pre-birth Astrology Online Consultation

Astrology consists of a number of belief systems which hold that there is a relationship between astronomical phenomena and events in the human world. In the West, astrology most often consists of a system of horoscopes that claim to explain aspects of a person’s personality and predict future events in their life based on the position of the sun, moon and other planetary objects at the time of their birth. Unfortunately, most of us forget our life plan where we are born. But fortunately, your lifespan is encoded in your birth-chart can serve as remembering your plan – a map to help you travel your path through this life more consciously and fulfill your purpose more easily and effectively.

Like most forms of astrology, life plan astrology uses the astrological basics- signs, planets, houses, aspects, and transits. But what differentiates it, is that when we look at the birth-chart, we see a different dimension which reveals our life plan- What you chose and why you chose it. The pre-birth make you understand that the same challenging situations keep recurring and also to understand that certain people have to come into your life. With the astrologer help, you can learn about the career astrology consultation and pre-birth astrology consultation and they will guide you about the life you had before you were born, they also make you see the advantage of pre-birth and consciousness.

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