Understanding Solar Air Heaters

by 123 Zero Energy Supplier of Solar Systems in Canada

Solar air heating systems can be utilized everywhere – permanent residence, garage, cottage, garden shed, and green house, hunting shacks and fishing. It’s highly recommended that you should keep the heating product on the vertical surface that will provide the best angle between the panel and sun in winter, spring and autumn.

The location should be in a southern direction like South, Southeast and Southwest where there is a great opportunity for sunlight. Keep the solar panel in south direction for north hemisphere and similarly for south hemisphere keep the panel north oriented.

If it’s mounted on the roof, the horizontal angle should be the latitude plus 15 degrees for optimal performance during winter. However, solar air heaters are famed as one of the most affordable ways to heat a home utilizing solar energy. You can use the solar air heater up to 1-4 years. 

The main advantage of solar air heater is that it can be installed easily by any homeowner. In turn it will reduce the overall investment cost significantly.

The other benefit of solar air heating system is that it doesn’t need any wiring or electric permits. There is absolutely zero operating costs as the solar fan is operated directly by a solar PV module on the solar collector. Most of all, the fan increases its speed automatically with the increase in solar intensity.

Unlike solar thermal heating systems, the solar air heating systems don’t over heat during summer months. In the summer, you just adjust the temperature settings below the actual internal temperature and your solar air heater won’t turn on. In fact, the digital thermostat operates through the solar panel as the system doesn’t require batteries or AC power.


The solar air heating system operates by drawing in fresh air from outside and circulating in a maze of black aluminum featured with a special selective coating that absorbs much more heat than it emits. Then, the heated air is blown into the dwelling through a solar fan. This works perfectly in spring, summer and fall months.

However, during colder climates like the Northern USA, the outside air can minimize to minus 30-40F and the solar air heater won’t be able to provide sufficient amount of heat. With the SAH34, draw in air from the dwelling or basement and heat it again to the living space. In this way, the solar air heaters can provide the enough heat energy in -40.

The solar air heater works well, if kept directly on a south facing wall, alternatively a southern roof also works but then must be ducted into the house through the addict. The hot air rises; the ducting inside the house is perfectly done at a lower level –which is closer to the floor so that heat can be used in an effective way.

Applications –

·         Residence

·         Cabins

·         Crawl airs and basements

·         Commercial

·         Agriculture

·         Fishing shacks

·         Campers and RV’s

Buying the Solar Air Heating System –

A solar air heater allows the sunlight warm your home’s air offering amazing results without using any electricity or any wiring at all. But before buying a solar air heater, you should know the manufacturer and supplier as well as their warranty period to make a perfect choice.

This article is written by 123 Zero Energy, which specializes in providing solar heating products including solar air heaters. For more information about solar air heaer visit website.

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