Understanding menopause and its symptoms

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Menopause is a natural stoppage of menstrual periods which generally occurs after the age of 40s. From adolescence till the end of menstrual periods a female is fertile and experience periods. But after the age of 40, the ovaries steadily end working that result in menopause or the starting of menopause. It is a stage which may cause a certain degree of anxiety in female’s lifespan. This condition is experienced by each and every woman once in her lifespan. Most of the females complain about mood swings, hormonal issues and weird attitude after the occurrence of menopause.

 It is a condition when the menstrual periods of a lady stop over a period of 1 year. Normally, females with the age of 45 to 55 face this stage but it is an expected condition through which a female has to deal with. But in some cases, females experience early menopause which means that their periods stop prior to the age of 40. This is a very frustrating condition for the females planning for the child and not able to. But they need to worry if they can undergo menopause treatment that can help them to conceive. Prior to coming to any conclusion, one should recognize the symptoms of menopause. 
Menopause is not a disorder but it generates certain profound changes in the female’s body. A diagnosis is confirmed if a female has not had periods for 12 months. However, the menopause symptoms can be noticed prior to the end of one year.
Irregular periods: The first sign of menopause can be experienced through irregularity in your periods. At times, you may get periods in every 2 to 3 weeks while some may not experience periods for a month.
Vaginal dryness: During the perimenopausal phase one may notice itching, dryness, and discomfort in the vagina. Even, some females can also feel pain during intercourse. It normally happens due to decreasing estrogen level. As a result, it causes vaginal atrophy in which inflammation occurs in the vagina. 
Hot flashes: It is a very common sign of menopause where you may face sudden sensation of heat on your upper part of the body. It can be felt on the neck, face, chest or downwards as well. Your skin may get red and patchy. Even your heart rate may suddenly increase or become irregular. Hot flashes normally felt during the first year post of the final period of a woman. 
Urinary issues: The urinary cycle can be disrupted due to menopause in females. Women tend to be more at risk of urinary tract infections during this period. Even, they may notice very frequent need of going for the toilet.
Night sweats and problem in sleeping: While sleeping if hot flashes occur then it is termed as night sweats. Many females revealed that it doesn’t stay for more than a few minutes. The studies explained that moderate to severe hot flashes and night sweats can be felt for around 10 years. 
Menopause problems may give birth to certain complications such as cardiovascular diseases, breast cancer, and urinary incontinence. Due to the presence of menopause, there is a high drop in estrogen level that may result in cardiovascular disease. Apart from this, menopause may result in affecting the vaginal tissues that lose elasticity. It causes frequent coming of urine. In order to avoid the risk of breast cancer, one goes for regular exercise. It will help your body working properly and avoid the risk. In order to avoid these complications, you can consult your doctor for the appropriate treatment.
When a female suffer through menopause she may undergo a number of treatments to manage the comfort. Most of the females avoid taking medical advice and keeps irritating her. However, if a lady evaluated the above signs then it is advised not to avoid the symptoms. Your doctor may suggest you hormone replacement therapy so that estrogen and progestin level can be improved. Besides this, the most common issues that a female notices are hot flashes and night sweats though it can be improved with medication. In many cases, female experience early menopause which affects the chances of natural pregnancy. If you are planning for pregnancy and hit the menopause then you need not worry. ART (assisted reproductive techniques) can help you to conceive.

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