Umrah in January Helps Muslims to Explore Important Places

by Safeena Rahman Travel Addict

Makkah is located in the region that experiences a hot desert climate, which means that it has high temperatures during daytime even in the winter season. However, these temperatures are lower when compared to other times of the year. The daytime temperatures in the sacred city during the summers are extremely hot and mostly go beyond the level of 40-Degree Celsius. Makkah also experiences small amounts of rainfall between November and January. There have been instances of floods caused by the rains in the past, which proves that the rains in this city cannot be underestimated. However, Makkah is much safer from floods owing to the dams that have been built over the years.

An Umrah in January is desired by many Muslims as this time of the year has the lowest average daytime temperatures in the year. Such temperatures would be ideal for them to make their journey to the holy city from their home countries and perform the rituals associated with this Islamic pilgrimage in a pleasant environment. The comfortable daytime temperatures during this month would also enable them to get outdoors during their stay in Makkah to buy some attractive souvenirs and visit the places of importance in the sacred city. Among these places are the religious sites located in and around Makkah.

One of them is Masjid al-Jinn, which translates as 'Mosque of the Jinn'. It is a mosque located in the holy city near another sacred place known as 'Jannat al-Mu'alla. The word 'jinn' refers to 'genies'. They are supernatural creatures according to Islamic traditions. Once, a group of jinn had assembled after sunset at the place where this mosque has been built. They had arrived to hear Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) recite a portion of the holy Quran. The leaders of the group met with the prophet and embraced Islam. Masjid al-Jinn is among the oldest mosques in Makkah and also one of the important ones in the city.

Mount Arafat is yet another important place worth visiting for pilgrims during their stay in the sacred city of Makkah. It is a mountain located in the plain of Arafat to the east of central Makkah and is also known as 'Jabal al-Rahmah', which translates as 'Mountain of Mercy'. This name refers to the event in the life of Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) when he was forgiven by Allah for his sin. In recent times, the place where this event took place has been marked by a pillar. This mountain is also the place where Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had delivered the famous 'farewell sermon'.

Pilgrims who are in the holy city for their Umrah can also visit a mosque called 'Masjid-e-Taneem', which is located about five miles away from the Holy Kaabah in the Al-Hil area. It is also known as 'Masjid-e-Ayesha' since it was the place where Prophet Muhammad's (peace be upon him) wife Ayesha (peace be upon her) had entered her state of 'ihram'. Pilgrims enter this 'pure state' by putting on the prescribed clothing. This mosque is visited by pilgrims as well as those who come for regular prayers. It has been provided with some excellent facilities for taking baths, performing ablutions, and changing clothes.

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