Types of water leakage and water leakage solutions in Delhi

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Water leaks are more common than you might think. Between leaky toilets, underground irrigation leaks, and more, they can be costly & damaging. Before you dive into the details on how to prevent water leak damage, you’ll first want to understand a bit more about the types of water leaks that you’ll need to watch out for.

There are two types of leaks: catastrophic water leaks that ruin home and costly water leaks that drive up water bills.

As stated by the construction chemicals manufacturers in India, catastrophic water leaks happen in homes – more regularly than you’d expect. One in fifty-five families experiences a disastrous water leak each year. Toilet lines burst, pipes freeze, refrigerator tubing cracks – the possibilities are endless. These leaks, on average, cause $8,000 worth of damage to the average home. Regularly, though, they can generate $100,000 of damage or more in an average home.

Imagine if a water leak occurs when you’re away for the weekend – it could quickly flood your home, nearly “totaling” it. It doesn’t just mean tens of thousands in damage – it also means that you have to vacate your home for water remediation contractors. Mold removal, sheetrock replacement, and more need to take place for you to get back in your home.

Water leakage solutions in Delhi

Doing routine maintenance on your appliances is one way to prevent leaks initially Suppose you are consistently updating older parts on your hardware or checking for hard to detect leaks. In that case, you may be able to prevent one from happening by waterproofing solutions in Delhi. Monitoring your water bill is also extremely important, as you can find spikes in the charges and determine if there is a leak or if you simply used more water that month. During the winter months, knowing your risk for leaks such as from burst frozen pipes can detect a leak early on.

However, because large leaks can happen fast and your bill doesn’t come daily or weekly, you can often be too late at preventing a leak, and the damage is already done. While you cannot monitor your home water supply 24/7, some tools will do precisely for you.

A leak detection system automatically detects an unusual increase in water usage and alerts you if you may leak. When choosing a plan, you have two options: moisture sensors and whole-home systems. Read to learn more.

As per the waterproofing contractors in Delhi, NCR, the other type of leak in homes is costly water leaks. It’s estimated that 6 billion dollars and 1 trillion gallons of water are wasted each year due to small and large water leaks. One leaky toilet can leak 90+ gallons per day, costing $400 per year. An underground irrigation leak can go unnoticed for months, driving up the total bills by thousands. A hose can be left on doing the same. Understanding these types of leaks and watching out for them can save you in the long run! 

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