Types Of Audio Speakers Brisbane And Their Important Features

by Jhon Smith Marketing Manager
When it comes to audio speakers Brisbane, you will be surprised to know the variety in which they are present. You will find a huge variety present in the markets like woofers, sub-woofers, wall-mounted and several others. They have been the most important thing required in an audio system. 

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How do they work?
Before we start studying about the types, it is important to mull upon the working mechanism adopted by audio speakers Brisbane and the first thing to know is that almost all of them work on the same technology.
  • Yes, the mechanism is same and it involves converting electrical impulses into sound waves.
  • They are given different names and the most popular of them are loud speakers, PA or public announcement system or horns, monitors, etc. 
  • Another fact is that they are either passive or powered and most of the commercially used audio speakers Brisbane are passive.
  • Passive speakers are those that don’t have an in-built amplifier. This means that they have to be connected to an amplifier using a speaker wire.

Powered speakers
  • This version is also given the name of self-powered or active-speakers and the first difference is that they feature an in-built amplifier.
  • Another point is that they often require heavy enclosures and because of this, they become less mobile and functional.
  • One more point is that they cannot be relied upon as much as you can rely upon their counterpart, i.e. the passive audio speakers Brisbane.

Professional Speakers
  • According to those dealing in microphone hire, another very popular type of audio speakers Brisbane is given the name of professional speakers and they don’t have too many features to discuss.
  • However, the features you will find in this version are something that you will not find in other types.
  • For example – this version will feature greater mechanical robustness and balanced audio interfaces. 
  • Other than this, this version will also have heavy-duty, industry-grade connectors and large rack-mount construction. 
  • You will also find them having higher analogue audio signal levels and advanced digital audio interfaces. 
  • An interesting thing to know about these audio speakers Brisbane is that they are generally used by large venues, such as sports arenas and convention centres. 
  • Other than this, these types of audio speakers Brisbane can also be very useful for musical performers and entertainers at concert venues.

Types of Speakers and Speaker Systems

  • The most common type of speaker, these devices are typically passive speakers and they generally have one or two sub-woofers.
  • They will also have drivers on the rear of the speaker enclosure to further amplify sound.

  • The next version we have is given the name of subwoofers and this version is generally one-driver dynamic loudspeaker with a single woofer.
  • They are used to transmit bass or low-frequency sound and moreover, they can also be used to enhance bass from any accompanying main speakers.

  • There are horn speakers as well and they are very similar to dynamic speakers and moreover, they use the very similar driver as well.
  • The biggest feature is that they offer a really high degree of sensitivity and transmits sound efficiently in large areas. 

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