TV vs. Radio on the Internet

by Dorano V. Professional PR since 2010

Internet Radio

The transmitting of digital audio service using the internet is called internet radio. Broadcasting on the internet is called webcasting. Internet radio is used to communicate messages. It involves listeners and streaming media. Anyhow, the worst part of the radio is that you cannot replay or pause the audio information on the radio. The services offer sports, talks, news, and music. Listening online radios is the newly emerging field.

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Streaming Television

The distribution of Television content using the internet is called internet TV. Broadcasting on the internet is called TV streaming. The concept of streaming TV began in the mid of 2000s. The programs were first made available on the internet. However, 2005 was the year when they all started providing TV shows on payment. The streaming is mainly used for entertainment purpose.


There are two sides to the picture. One is where the use of technology is mainly for entertainment purposes and on the other hand, there is this technology people prefer using for news or information purposes. According to some recent studies, an average American citizen spends more 1.1 hours driving.  So, here is when radio kicks in. The driver needs to be aware of the surroundings. Also, he or she deserves to be entertained while focusing on the road and laws of the road. Listening to online radios solve this issue. They provide entertainment and news to their driver. According to research, an average American driver still prefers to use radio streaming in his car rather than going for a stereo system. They say it helps them to know about the country more in detail.

Due to this hectic life, most of the people do not have the time to switch on their TVs and sit in their couch to listen to the latest news. Radio helps to know about the latest news when they are either driving or on their way to work. Listening to Radio is an activity that allows you to multitask. Radios were the first medium through which news was transmitted. However, it was soon taken over by the Television when users were becoming more graphics oriented rather than only relying on the audio.

Where on the other hand, TV streaming is more in trend than ever? The hype of movies and seasons is above the line. This is where TVs kicked in. The online TVs are an ample source of entertainment especially when you don’t have access to traditional TV. The concept and usage of online TV are emerging for the fact that most of the people cannot make it up to watch their favorite shows or to cover a live sports event. The online streaming TV provides them an opportunity to watch their favorite or sports event whenever they feel convenient.

The trend of online TV is mainly rising among youth. The critical segment to this emerging business is the youngster for the fact they keep track of their favorite TV shows or seasons. Whenever there is an awaited season released, the TV streaming rises, TV streaming also is used by children to watch their favorite cartoon show and mostly by older women to watch their favorite cooking show. TV streaming provides convenience to users to keep track of their favorite shows or movies. It also keeps you update by providing you newscasting when you are away from your house.

Final Thought

TV and radio might sound like a competition to you but they kind of complement each other. Their target segment is different and usage all well. People prefer listening to online radios when they are either traveling or driving to the office. They listen to news more where TV streaming comes in when the viewers miss the broadcasting on a TV channel of a particular show. They do live TV streaming to watch their favorite shows. The Internet is a source of entertainment and information. It provides convenience to users. Online radios and TV streaming contribute their part to this concept.

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