Truck Driving Tips When DASHING THROUGH THE SNOW...!

by Eva Spenser Innovation


Winter can be a dangerous time to drive not only car drivers but for the truckers too! The skin-chilling climate, the slippery roads and the low visibility- all contribute to making driving difficult- even DANGEROUS!

And this is where all those comprehensive lessons taught at truck driving schools play a vital role. To help one prepare for the risky and low traction roads during winter, here’s a gander at those key tips.

Follow Attentively!

Firstly, Before Starting The Trip:-

  • Take some extra time to inspect the truck’s condition. 
  • Check the tire pressure along with its present condition.
  • Properly clean all the ice and snow collected on the truck. This includes- the truck hood, lights, windows, trunk and the roof. The existence of snow hampers visibility greatly and increases the possibilities of potential accidents.
  • Always keep a half tank of gas all-times throughout the winter season.
  • Also, check if the battery is charged, all the lights are working, and the wiper blades are clean.

Start SLOW & Drive SLOWLY:-

To tackle the low road traction; one should drive slow, make all the necessary changes gently and increase their following distance. This gives more time for drivers to react and make the adjustments if a possible danger is in the ahead roadway. 

This is included in most (if not all) truck driving school lessons in Liverpool. With that, these lessons also teach drivers to have patience and be extra vigilant when driving on slippery roads. 

Brake Carefully & Accelerate Slowly:-

When tacking with icy, slippery or very cold weather; one should avoid sudden stops and sudden starts. However, if the need arises for sudden stops, then slowly pump the brakes using the ball of the foot and with keeping the heel on your floor. Doing so reduces the possibilities of tires locking and the truck spinning out of control. 

Keep A Proper Hold Of The Steering Wheel With Control & Confidence:-

Sharp and sudden movement can lead to truckers losing control over their vehicle. To avert this potential threat, a quality truck license instructor teaches the learners to grip the steerer steadily with a strong grip while cruising through heavy winds, ice and slippery roads. 

Doing so also helps navigate smoothly and even make those precise movements without collision or risks. Another thing to keep watch is the trailer pushing on turns and curves.

Double or Triple Up The Trailing Distance:-

Most winter truck driving lessons recommend the average speed to be 25 mph and to double or triple up the trailing distance. Ideally, the rule is 2-3 seconds gap, but when trucking in the cold winter roads, increase the gap to either 4-6 seconds or 6-9 seconds (if visibility is really an issue).

Final Words:-

Prevention is always better than cure. And keeping true to this, these aforementioned tips taught in every notable truck driving school in Sydney will prove to be the lifeline that truckers can fall back, should any roadway dangers come.

So, follow them and keep those eyes on the road- ALWAYS!

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