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Like other emotions, a display of anger is normal, but it becomes a concern when a show of anger becomes extreme or more frequent. Do you lose your temper over the slightest thing more than often? If you answered yes, then perhaps you should talk to a healthcare professional or therapist about it. A great way to get prompt medical advice is to find an expert doctor online in LahoreAn online doctor's appointment is not only quick but convenient and cheaper in the pocket too!

How does anger affect everyday life?

Even though anger is a normal emotion, if it is expressed in a way that harms you or others, it becomes a concern. In this case, professional help might be needed to help you identify the cause of anger and manage it effectively, so the next time a similar situation arises, you will have the skills and ability to behave differently.

Do you feel like your anger is not a controlled emotion? Do you explore every time you’re angry? Do you blame others for your anger? Do you take responsibility for your actions later? These are some questions you should be asking yourself if you feel like your anger is a danger to yourself and others.

Find the root of the anger

The first step to anger management is to identify the root cause(s) of the anger. Experts classify the causes into two main categories:

Internal causes such as personal failures, frustrations, unresolved feelings, broken/unhealthy/toxic relationships

External causes such as loss of property, bullying, taunts, public humiliation

Whatever the cause may be, some people externalize anger in the form of tantrums, fits, and aggression, while others internalize it and go into depression. In either case, unchecked anger may contribute to the development of mental health issues. If you feel like your mental  health is being compromised then it might be a good idea to talk to a therapist

Studies show that people with mental health conditions actually prefer online counseling or online therapy compared to in-clinic visits. They find that talking on the phone gives them an added sense of security and comfort, whereas in a clinical setting they might feel a little bit more exposed. So why wait another day when you can connect instantly with online physicians in Lahore.

Anger management

The goal of anger management is simple. It is to empower you and educate you so you can express your anger in a healthy way, that won’t harm you or others around you.

Examine triggers

This is a broad term and covers several aspects of behavior. Your therapist is likely to begin by asking you to examine the triggers that anger you. This will help you become more self-aware of your emotions as your anger escalates.

Anger management follows a set of guidelines and the techniques used to help you allow you to express anger in a controlled environment. When your anger is monitored in such a setting, you will learn how to respond to a situation more constructively. Your therapist will discuss positive behaviors and reactions as opposed to negative reactions. 

If you want to be helped, but are confused and don’t know who to ask online physician on your phone and connect to qualified and trained healthcare professionals.

What can I do when I’m angry?

You can work with your online therapist and map out a detailed anger management plan that works for you but here are some guidelines that anyone can follow to diffuse a difficult situation.

Recognize and accept that some situations cannot be controlled by you

If you feel out of control, walk away from the situation

Do a physical activity like walking, running or sports

Make sure you have someone trustworthy to talk to

Join a support group

Try to stay calm in a situation and communicate clearly and openly

Make sure you’re getting the recommended 8-10 hours of sleep

Exercise regularly

Can an online physician help me?

Get expert medical advice from home by downloading an online physician app on your smartphone. Find the best online physician to get an instant connection with an online doctor. What prompts you to go into a fit of rage every time you’re angry. Tell your online therapist that you’re worried about your well-being and of those around you.

Try and incorporate these tips into your life and see if it makes a difference. Your online physician or online therapist will be able to explain these in more detail to you. To book a tele-appointment with a physician download the My live doctors app on your smartphone or mobile device and get help today!

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