Training Your Silver Jewelry Staff for a Successful Sales

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For increasing in-store sales hiring the employees who have innate selling qualities is pivotal. If you have just started a silver jewelry shop, you might not have the budget to hire experienced salesperson. However, with some tips you can turn a naive trainee into your best employee.

Here are some tips that will help you in training the new employees at your store -

Set achievable selling goals - Expecting a person who is new to the jewelry field to make a sales equivalent to a star salesman can heighten the pressure on them. Conversely, asking them to make a sales that’s one-third of the best employee in your jewelry establishment will motivate them. It is difficult to work in stressful conditions. For improving their learning graphs set a goal which is both challenging and possible to achieve.

Notify them of the promotional offers - You might be running a local campaign, discount offers on your website or deals for your regular  customer. Every salesman in the store should be aware of the promotional offers. Don’t forget to tell the new people in your sales staff about the schemes you are providing. When the customers enters the store, they expect every member of your staff know the current promotional offers.

Appreciations and rewards -Every employee in your staff should be rewarded on contributing to the increase in your sales. Appreciating the newcomers on closing tough customers in the beginning will boost their moral. Did your trainee sold his first few pair of silver anklets without help of other employees? Celebrate it! After they have gained an experience of a few months, start rewarding them on exceeding their sales target.

Discount & Referrals - The newcomers are normally youngsters who don’t have the budget to purchase precious jewelry. Offering them huge discounts on silver bracelet will encourage them to wear your jewelry. This makes your employees a walking display. Their acquaintances and relatives will ask where they bought the jewelry, finally coming to your shop. Giving your employees a commission on referrals is another method of improving the sales.

Business Card - Give a deck of  business card to the trainees. Ask to distribute the cards to the people who they meet outside the store. Tell them it is the part of their job. Also, clarity state that are business cards should be distributed to only those people who are interested in your silver jewelry. For example - Homemakers should definitely be under the radar as most of them will purchase silver anklets at some point in their life. 

Knowledge hub - The salesman at your store should become a jewelry expert with sound professional knowledge. Educate them about the gemstones grading, silver purity, manufacturing process, etc. It is your responsibility to familiarise the employees to the current silver jewelry trends. To keep them on their toes, have a session in which you test their selling skills & knowledge.

Deliver the News Prior - Are you launching a new collection of silver bracelets? Are you going to restocking the products tomorrow? Don’t leave them in anticipation. When the employees know new designs will overshadow the store, they can create the demand even before the arrival of your new products.

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