Top-notch tips to motivate students to learn math in the most interesting way

by John Mark Academic Writing Help

Since everybody is not a maths person, students look for maths paper help online. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in 2015, only 25% of high school seniors were proficient in Mathematics. Many efforts have been made to improve the numbers. Several states have even incorporated more rigorous standards for the implementation of the Common Core Math. Schools and colleges have included more visualisation and lessons that connect more to real life.

Maths is a complex subject for many students. Therefore, let’s focus on some of the tips and techniques to motivate students for learning maths by adopting interesting methods.

1.    Connect to a real-life situation – Mathematics is great for storytelling. Using stories to learn maths can develop the student’s interest in solving the sums. For example, you can connect math with grocery shopping. Each time you are calculating the price per unit or estimating the final price while shopping, you are using math in your shopping experience. A situation that connects well with your daily life or routine helps you to think and come up with the best solution.

2.    Challenge yourself – Students at schools and colleges love to explore new things. By setting up challenges, you can add adventure to your task. You can take help of puzzles, math crosswords, Sudoku or Checkers to think and overcome the challenges. It will help you to enhance your decision making and problem-solving skills and help you to learn maths in a more interesting way.

3.    Discover some interesting mathematical pattern – Set up contriving situations for yourself that may lead to discovering a unique and interesting pattern which can be motivating. For example, add the numbers from 1 to 100. Rather than following the conventional method of adding the numbers in sequence, you can add the first and the last as (1+100 = 101), and then the second and the second last (2+99 = 101), and so on. Therefore, all you have to do is find the required solution of 50 x 101 = 5,050. Such examples and patterns will create an everlasting effect in you that will help you to stay motivated while doing maths.

4.    The famous birthday problem – It is one of the most famous problems in probability. In this problem you have to find the probability of the n students in the class, at least two of them having the same birthday. Since the answer is bit surprising, solving the math paper will help you to stay motivated for doing many such problems in the future?

5.    Do your homework religiously – Maths homework plays a crucial role in developing analytical and problem-solving skills in students. You may have heard students asking ‘who will edit my paper; the reason behind this is lack of understanding of mathematical concepts. To enhance the skills, you need to do your homework religiously. Building the basic concepts and skills will ultimately help you to motivate yourself and learn maths.

Since a proper understanding of maths helps in proper decision making, using all the above tips and techniques you can motivate students in learning maths in a more interesting way.

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