Top Safety Tips To Keep House Safe From Electricity Hazards

by Vinsky Sarah Marketing Manager
The electricity network in a home is something that should not be taken for granted at all. The reason is quite simple that it doesn’t take very long for any minor issue to turn into a major one to impact the entire network. Therefore, it is recommended that the services of the electrical contractor Gold Coast are availed even in the most minor issues. Other than this, what you can do is follow some very important safety tips to keep the house safe and sound.

Here are some electrical safety tips to keep a home safe:

Routinely Check Your Electrical Appliances
  • The very first step to take is checking all the electrical appliances on a regular basis for any shortcoming or errors.
  • You need to check them for cuts and breaks in their chords as these are the most common issues arising in these electrical appliances.
  • You need to play safe and if any cut or crack is detected, the cord needs to be replaced at the earliest.

  • GFCI is the abbreviation for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter and you need to make sure that the house is equipped with it right from day 1.
  • They are basically the outlets that are to be installed in areas close to water such as your kitchen area, bathrooms, laundry room, the garage or outdoor circuits. 
  • According to those offering electrical contractor services Gold Coast, this technology works by stopping the power supply to all the appliances as soon as any of them comes in contact with water.
  • These types of outlets can be a huge assistance to protect you and your family from fatal electrical shocks.

Examine Your Electrical Cords
  • Those offering emergency electrician services Gold Coast say that the electrical and power chords in your home need examination on a weekly basis.
  • You need to discard those that are frayed or do not fit snugly into an outlet. 
  • It is advised by electrical contractor Gold Coast that you should never secure a cord in place with staples and prevent overheating by not running them under furniture or carpeting.
  • At the same time, it is advised that overloading of extension cords and wall sockets should not be done by using too many appliances.
  • The principle is quite simple that you need more electrical outlets, it’s better to get them installed as compared to overloading the existing one.

Periodically Check Your Outlets and Switches
  • This is another very important step that has to be taken on a frequent basis to make sure that they are not heating and are in a perfect running condition.
  • If there is an issue as such, don’t delay in calling the electrical contractor Gold Coast to get things checked and repaired/replaced before they become a reason to a serious incident.

Other than these, there is a number of other to make sure that the networking of electricity cables and cords perform flawlessly in your home. Here is a quick list of some of them.
  • Never touch electrical appliances or switches with wet hands
  • No wiring should be exposed from behind outlet and switch cover plates
  • Never try to extinguish an electrical fire with water
  • Never use bulbs that have higher wattage than recommended for the lamp or light fixtures
  • Take caution when using halogen lamps

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