Top Reasons why Power Generators Sales And Renting Numbers Have Soared

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Developing countries always strive on improving and making things better for their country and fulfilling their population’s needs. But these developing countries majorly face problems when it comes to handling resources. One such major renewable source of energy is electricity. Almost 14 out of the top 17 countries that face electricity outages are from the Sub-Saharan African region and the Middle Eastern region.

Due to these power outages and restricted supply from government and electricity boards, private organizations and smaller enterprises have found their solutions by renting out or buying generators.

The Rise in Generator Sales in the Middle East

The Middle East has been a source of money to many investors, organizations and foreign governments because of oil production. Though a high supply of oil and fuel exists from the Middle East, there is a steep need for electricity.

The growth in trade and business has created a supply and demand for generators in these countries. Not all firms and organizations can afford to buy a new generator and hence rent mobile generators. Most commonly bought and rented are the diesel generators in the UAE.

Wide Range of Generators

Generators are generally divided upon their fuel type. Fuels like diesel and natural gas are quite common in the market. Since the requirement of power consumption varies from one organization to another, there are a lot of generators based upon the need. The most used range of generators is 5 KVA to 75 KVA. There are also powerful generators that can give an output of 2500 KVA. Many countries outside of the Middle East export power generators in UAE as it is a holds as a potential market for generators.

Performance of Generators

Generally, the average-sized 28 kW generator has a fuel capacity of 450 liters and a fuel consumption rate of 11 ltr/hr for a 75% load. Whereas the larger variant of generators like the 2000 kW one has a fuel capacity of 4500 ltr and a consumption rate of 405 ltr/hr. The former generator has an output of 70 A whereas the latter has an output of a whopping 3000 A. Also, with the rise in technology the generators have become highly efficient and minimal pollutants are produced in the modern generators.

Investing in Generators

The sales market for generators is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.60%. Which in terms of numbers means that the sector will grow from a value of 22.3 billion USD to 29.3 billion USD by 2024.

Here are some of the notable reasons why generators are a need in domestic and commercial spaces are :

  • As a backup power supply in case of outages or bad weather.

  • Keeping supplies fresh if in case there are any long stints of power outages.

  • Backups for security systems.

  • No risk of costly productivity drops for office spaces in case of blackouts.

  • Easy mode of switching with Automatic Transfer Switches in Standby Generators.

  • As Emergency backups in Hospitals, Banks, Schools.

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