Top New Trends That Will Change SEO Forever

by ED Samules Professional Marketer

Search engines have come a long way since their inception. What once was just a simple web tool going through every website on the internet and looking for keywords is now helping people and making their lives better by understanding the intent of the user. Not only that but now it goes through different websites to understand the context of the content uploaded rather than just looking for certain words.

These changes have given rise to certain trend changes in SEO and today, the top-rated company providing search engine optimization Maryland is here to define all these trends that will change the face of SEO forever.

Rise of the Voice Search

Data from 2019 revealed that 20% of the mobile search queries were voice. People are more into speaking to the search engine about their queries like this one:

"Hey Google, can you look for the best Thai restaurants around me".

Google, being the smartest search engine out there, understands the user intent, and provides them with the list of most relevant and top-rated restaurants around the corner serving Thai food. Not only that, but it will also include restaurants with few Thai cuisines on their menu.

Voice search has always been about long-tail keywords and most who search long-tail keywords are more likely to convert.

For an effective SEO for voice, you can leverage bullet lists in your content. Moreover, most voice search queries are local. Hence, optimizing your website for local SEO is highly recommended by search engine optimization Maryland experts.

Featured Snippets Will Rule Search Results

Ever noticed how Google can answer some of your questions right in the search results? These are called featured snippets. They are the summaries of different topics and Google has been using it for years now.

Now, why do we think they are going to rule search results? They've been around for a number of years and have made big improvements to the search engine result page on Google. Nearly half of all search results end with no further clicks because users get the answers they need from SERPs directly. In fact, a study by Ahref with 2 million featured snippets showed that the featured snippet is getting more traffic than the first organic search result. Target question-based search queries and keywords. It allows you to offer insights to search queries.

Influencers Will Help in SEO

More than half of their entire marketing budget was spent on influencers by 17% of businesses. The statistics show the importance of influencer marketing for businesses, especially those in travel, fashion, eCommerce, beauty, and lifestyle.

The advertising overwhelms web users. Leading web developer Rockville Maryland believes that web users are after credible knowledge that they can trust. More often than not, the root of the knowledge is influencer feedback. They are more likely to trust an influencer's information over an ad.

So, what's the relationship between SEO and influencer marketing? Working with an influencer allows you to generate traffic, enhance your online presence, and expand your content reach.

Many businesses will not see the return on their investment in influencer marketing because their funded content is not properly planned or executed. Your content fails if it doesn't suit the audience's needs.

Partner with influencers in your market who are already interacting with your target audience to get the best bang for your buck! Google also keeps an eye on the backlinks you get from influencer sites as they strengthen your SEO efforts.

BERT Will Stay for Long

Expert digital marketer and web developer Rockville Maryland believe that BERT or Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers is here to stay as it enables businesses to train their own system of question-answers.

This is Google's first big update to its search algorithm since RankBrain was implemented in 2014.

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