Top Fairy-Tale Greek Towns To Visit During Holidays

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Europe is full of "old" cities and many of them are well preserved, offering us a window in the past! How people lived centuries before us. Of course, these cities are popular destinations for tourists as their unique aura and their special architecture make them fabulous! Gorgeous buildings, castles, stone bridges and cathedrals ... cities around rivers or on hills that exude romance and nostalgia for a time that looks in our modern eyes more "authentic" than our time. Below you will see some of the favourite Greek destinations that can travel us in time with their timelessness and unique identity. Feel free to admire them and maybe start planning your next trip there...

Chania (Crete)

Holidays in Chania means you will not know what to visit first, which beach to enjoy diving, which canyon to explore and what monument to photograph! It is one of the most "gifted" by nature areas of Greece, with monuments that cover its history over time, and are preserved in excellent condition, creating a very special "air" in the atmosphere for lovers of historical retrospectives. During having holidays in Chania, every visitor can see some of the most impressive beaches of Greece, enjoy emerald and clear blue waters, walk on the amazing sand that can be found in all shades or even play with white pebbles. There are other opportunities as well. There is still plenty discovering in this hidden paradise, waiting for new explorers. It is more than certain that in the villages of Chania, either in the mainland or on the coast, you will enjoy traditional Cretan hospitality, with emphasis on Cretan delicacies, raki and music. Balos is going to be your favourite beach. A massive rock in the sea, blue waters and vast white sand form a beautiful lagoon, shallow and clear, with small shells that in many places make the sand look pink ... It is located in the northwest part of the prefecture of Chania, 17 kilometres from the Kissamos. It is worthwhile to walk on the relatively smooth dirt road and then down the path to see all this beauty from above, but there is also an easier and more comfortable way, which is no other than the boat that visits Balos every day and departs from Kissamos. Elafonisi is one more gem that you will love to explore. An enchanting place with exotic beauty, sand dunes, cedar trees, white lilies, black rocks and natural blue waters and white sand ... The sandy peninsula joins the small island with its land, creating a landscape of unparalleled beauty. Walk around the islet with the utmost respect for the plants and animals you may encounter and choose your own diving dive or sit in the shallow lagoon that is ideal for both young and old who are willing to play with sand and water! Elafonissi is located 76 kilometres southwest of Chania, at the southwest end of Crete. The Bay of Falasarna, with its crystal blue waters and white sand, surrounded by a verdant wild landscape, is 59 kilometres west of Chania and 17 kilometres west of Kissamos. An endless sandy beach and a deep blue sea, there you will enjoy one of the finest sunsets of your life, with the sun dipping in front of you in the water... Falasarna has been awarded in the past as the best beach in Crete and one of the ten best in Europe. Check out the Venetian Port. It is probably the most photographed point of Chania, with the impressive Firka Fortress, the old Venetian castle, and the characteristic Egyptian Lighthouse. It gathers crowds of visitors and locals, especially during the summer months, as there are many restaurants, tavernas, cafes and bars along the sea.

Monemvasia (Peloponnese)

Castles and walls, old mansions, narrow cobbled streets, churches, old low arches, arches, coats of arms, marble imperial thrones, Byzantine icons give the impression of a fantastic city that time did not touch it over the years. Monemvasia is known as the "Gibraltar of the East"... A small island connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of land, a bridge that coexists with the marine element of Myrtoos Pelagos. Entering the rock from the only entrance - "the only intervention" from where the name of the city of Monemvasia - begins the journey to the past, from the 6th century that was inhabited until today. Taking a stroll around a world-class monument, swimming in one of the world's finest beaches, fantastic walks, tastes you find only here. Monemvasia is, objectively, one of the best destinations in Greece. The old town is a lively medieval settlement, preserved in an impeccable way. It is a world-renowned monument and a base station for every traveller in the Peloponnese. The atmosphere is truly exquisite, full of history and romance, creating an even more magical experience. Walking in the alleys you will think you are in another time. The holidays in the area of Monemvasia are ideally combined with excursions to two nearby islands. Access to Elafonisos is especially fast thanks to the frequent itineraries that connect Pounta beach in 15 minutes with the island. The most famous attraction is the famous beach of Simos with the famous sand dunes. Simos is the small beach in the enchanting twin of a small and big beach in the southern part of Elafonisos, opposite the island of Kythira and the Akra Spathi. Hiking routes in Monemvasia suggest a different way of approaching and getting to know the area. They offer the visitor more direct and substantial contact with nature, the inhabitants and the history of the region, so they are more of nature and less mountainous nature to highlight the interesting historical, architectural, religious, environmental points. It has relatively easy routes, with points of exceptional view, which can be done all year round. It perfectly combines the mountain with the sea, the paths in semi-mountainous and mountainous areas with the seaside adjacent to the coastline. The cuisine of Monemvasia is distinguished for its simplicity in the preparation of dishes in order to show the natural taste of the materials. The result of this gastronomic tradition is a simple, affordable, hygienic and especially delicious! You can find some super romantic hostels and boutique hotels in order to relax and unwind. If you love wine, Monemvasia will be your wine paradise on earth. The region is famous for it, don't forget to try Malvasia, it is one of the oldest wine labels in Monemvasia.

Rhodes (Dodecanese)

The capital of the Dodecanese and the fourth largest Greek island after Crete, Euboea and Lesvos, is consistently one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Rhodes harmoniously combines the medieval with the traditional element, the lacy beaches with pine-covered mountains, mountain villages with seaside settlements, archaeological sites, medieval monuments and cosmopolitan tourist resorts with traditional accommodation, forming an unrivalled destination that can satisfy every expectation. Its rich history is pervasive in every corner of the island since every conqueror has left its mark strong. The island experienced particular acne in the 4th century. BC, when the famous Colossus was raised. After the devastating earthquake of 155 AD. Persians, Arabs, Saracens and Seljuks settled on the island, and in 1309 the Knights of St. John arrived on the island, who refurbished the castle with a unique fortification in Europe. It was established until 1522, when it was conquered by the Turks. In 1912 it passed to the Italians and in 1948 it was incorporated with the rest of the Dodecanese into Greek territory. The medieval city, the capital of the island and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is built semi-circularly around the main harbour. It was founded in 408 BC. and consists of the fortified medieval (old) city and the new city with its old, neoclassic and newer buildings. In the Old Town of Rhodes dominates the Palace of the Grand Master (14th century), the "Castello", one of the first buildings built by the knights, and a walk on the famous Knights' Road, which has been faithfully restored to its original form medieval years. Along her were the houses of those who assembled the Order of the Knights of St. John. Sandy beaches to the point where the eye reaches, isolated coves with crystal clear waters and juvenile water sports hangouts. Rhodes offers you some of the best beaches in Greece and invites you for endless summer dives. If you are looking for the most famous beaches of Rhodes then you should head to the east coast. Most of them are organized with sun loungers and umbrellas, and there are surely more and more places amongst the many options. The Antony Quinn beach is one of the most well known. If you like Greek island hopping you could try the experience around the Dodecanese. You could visit other lovely islands like Lipsoi, Patmos, Astypalaia, Leros, Symi and more...

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