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by Manoj Singh rathore Digital Marketing Head and Founder
Digital Marketing is an all in one U.S. UI solution for designing Web sites mobile apps and more. That means you can create live living wireframes to design and work through user journeys to create believable mockups to present online marketing company to clients or to expand your portfolio to include more user experience and user interface work as a digital creative graphic designer or Web developer. Learning this tool can expand your marketability and helps you adapt to the high demand for more lucrative jobs. And you explain why this class is one part graphic design web design and the U.S.
This class will create a mobile app. We'll think about our user personas to create two unique user journeys to create a fully designed and polished layout. Everything you're seeing here you'll be able to do by the end of this class. So join me for lessons that will up your design game and give you the digital marketing company in gwalior upper hand in the next few years and beyond. As you ex and UI becomes the cornerstone of your design skill set. Welcome to Adobe X D.

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You're going to be very comfortable with this program if you're already familiar with photoshop or illustrator or even in design. Once you know one Adobe product it's very easy to adapt to another Adobe product in the same case is here. And if you're already used to illustrator coming to this program.
Everything is very simplified you'll notice there's not a lot of tools on your toolbar. Very few options here on the right. And that's it it's a very simple system and it's going to be very easy to learn digital marketing company in gwalior this and very quick to lenders after you've already learned maybe a more complex program like an Adobe Photoshop or illustrator. Find out best results with 99Profile.
This is going to seem like a breeze so I wanted to kind of give you a quick little tour using something I've already created for a brand that we were working on digital marketing company in gwalior on a previous class and lesson called Passing dynamics which is an industrial conglomerate.
  • So I have what you see different artboards. So I have the main home page which is going to be featured here on the left column and I was able to add new artboards that would be all the subcategories or the other web pages on this Web site. So you have two main windows and Adobe SD.
  • You have the design window which we're in right now and this will show this is where we've put together our designs. We've put together typography was set out our columns and we go ahead and set digital marketing company in gwalior everything up graphically and visually and then you have what's called the prototype section C to switch over to prototype mode by going over and switching over to prototype.
  • And this is how we link all of our different artboards together so that we can make a live wireframe so I can show you an example there's a play button right up here so I can kind of show you what all these linked connections are doing. So this home page and I'll show you kind of as we do a web a little web design together to kind of blend the program.

I'll show you how to link everything up and it's very easy it looks complicated but does not be intimidated. This is one of the easier programs I've learned in the digital marketing company in gwalior the last couple of years. So all these different items are linked. So this option one has linked all the way to this option.
So when the user clicks on any anywhere on this button they're going to go to this page. Same thing with option two. Option two is going to link right down to this page. And option three is going to go down to that page. And the reason we're able to link things together is we can make a living breathing web wireframe.
We're gonna go ahead and click on the play button there's the play button is right here in the upper right-hand corner. We're going to preview our prototype. Like I said before all these are linked up together. So I'm going to a digital marketing company in gwalior go and click on the option and it could go right to the link that it's linked to the arbor that is linked to. And I can click on the home button.
And that's also linked points back to the home page. Same thing for option. And you can do two different transitions so you notice how I click on option two it slides nicely to from left to right. And you can set up different transitions to have instead of just appearing that has nice animated kind of smooth effect. The same thing with option and that can go down from top to bottom.
So this is what we're going to be creating together to create it all from scratch and we're going to show you how to work with typography how to set your assets which are really important next day is setting your assets so you don't have to keep recreating the same asset or assemble over and over and I can show you how they're global too. Let's start.

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