Top 5 Ways To Embellish Your Home With Italian Marbles

by Bhandari Marblegroup Marble Dealer & Supplier in India

Style it all with marbles or give it a touch, marbles are going to shine and take everyone’s attention as they are intended to take. Marble is one of those luxe materials that can instantly push a luxurious look without putting in any effort. Talking about luxury, how can we forget Statuario marble

One in a kind, Statuario marble is single-handedly capable of changing the entire dynamics of the room. Statuario marble adds on an element to flex about to your friends, relatives or to the entire world. Traditionally, people thought marbles remained on the floors, but the latest interior design trends tell us a different story.


The top-notch Italian marble, one of which is statuario marble. Adorning any platform they are installed at. Kitchen, bedroom, hallway or living room any part of the house can be elevated with statuario marble. The article itself contains the top 5 ways of using statuario marble for different platforms at home.

Top 10 Ways To Use Statuario Marble At Home  

Marble Takes Center Stage With The Island

Statuario is an expensive imported marble of the current time. But, adding value to every penny spent, statuario marble can elegantly go for kitchen island because of their strength. Setting a statement for anyone looking for an outstanding kitchen island.   

Marble For Countertops and Backsplashes

Italian marble is a magnificent stone. It is much more interesting than regular countertop and backsplash materials. But the Italian marble seems a bit unrealistic and exhausting when it comes to maintenance. But, if you deliberately want to give a luxe finish to your entire kitchen then additional efforts seem worth it. Statuario marble goes beautifully on countertops, provided that you must follow the cleaning and maintenance guidelines and seal the marble annually to increase its span.  

Adorn Living Space With Marbles 

Outreaching the traditional ways of marble usage in the living room, a bunch of interior designers who are head over heels in love with marbles suggest other marble fittings and fixtures too. Marbles have their own mesmerizing properties answer underestimate it by limiting its usage to a particular segment. From ceiling to platforms, flooring and walls - you can elevate every space by simply installing Italian marble. Further enhancing the space is the furniture. 


Marble In Bathrooms 

Wondering what it takes to get a bathroom like those fancy ads? Well, we suggest the strategic placement of Italian marbles. Pristine beige marbles have the superpower to instantly elevate the space making it effortlessly luxurious. You can also experiment with bold contrasts like brown, lavender or grey on one main wall creating beautiful synchrony for the bathroom.


Style Up Your Comfort Place

The bedroom is the only place to seek relaxation at the end of a tedious day. Give the area a soothing touch with beige/white marble shades installed on the floors, walls, or ceilings. Apart from dispatching a lavish look, marbles on the walls, floors, or ceilings of the bedrooms create a peaceful ambiance. This is indeed how a bedroom should look like. 


Even expert interior designers claim that marbles are magnetizing. Especially, Statuario Marble, going out of its way to mesmerize designers and onlookers. Even though Italian marbles are expensive than their Indian counterparts, there is a proportional increase in their demand among upper-middle-class households.

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