Top 5 Tips for Better Website Creation

by Rishab Malik Digital Marketer


Hello friends, Creating a website is not a hard task now because of the Internet. You need only Internet connection and domain & hosting for creating a website. You can found many websites on the internet which are giving you the facility to create any website as per your requirement.

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The most important thing on the website is customer experience. It will help you to get regular website visitors. Customer service is also one of the most important points for reducing bounce rate & increase dwell time. Different testing on your website will let you know more things to do on your website.

Website Creation Tips

  • Layout in mind
  • Highlight Main Content
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Service
  • Dynamic Factor

Layout in mind

Having a plan is not enough to create any website. It needs a lot of effort for making a better website. you have to keep the layout in your mind until you don't design it or draw the rough layout with the help of any Image tools. It always reminds you of which manner it looks. Sometimes a person didn't explain things clearly as compared to an Image. some tips for a better layout of your website

  • Merge Images to your Layout
  • Enhance Product visual interface design
  • Highlight the product Images
  • Always use high-quality or Outstanding Visual Images
  • Display the main pictures on the homepage
  • Explaining goal is the first priority of your Images

Highlight Main Content

There are many keywords from which visitors are coming on your website. It's your first priority to highlight the main Content or product which can easily understand by the visitors. If they confused or their intention or expectation is different then its quit difficult to hold the visitors on the website. Displaying the High-quality product images and Information of products would be in bold letters which can easily understand by the visitors.

Customer Experience

Better customer experience always gives you appreciation from the visitors. Having a clear vision about the customer experience is to help you to communicate with your organization with better understanding. If each team member is aware of the principals of better customer experience & then they can implement more creativity in all aspects of websites for a better customer experience. If you're capable to solve customer's queries in real-time then it's a good sign for a better customer experience.

Customer Service

With the help of technology, it's easier to handle customer service online. The more you care you hold them last but if you don't care about them anyone else does care. Listening to your customers makes you better in front of them. a better understanding of customer problems will give you chance to grow your business in a better way which may be increase visitors as well as sales. Emotional connection with customers will become more loyal to the brand.

Dynamic Factor

During the creation of a website, you can add the thing which makes your website more dynamic which gives the reason to the audience to hold on your website. How many options you give to your audience to engage on the website will increase the dwell time and decrease the bounce rate. List of Factors-

  • Video content
  • RSS Feed
  • Widgets
  • Images
  • Podcasts
  • User Polls
  • Quiz


So, these are some points to be focused on website creation. It will surely help you to create a better website for better conversion. Keep doing testings on different aspects of your website to check which factor is doing great or bad or which increase the Website time-session. Do mistakes learn from them & never repeat the old mistakes.

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