Top 5 SEO Success Mantras

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With an increasing penetration of internet, the user base is also expanding. The expanding base is the reason for very stiff competition among service providers. The manufacturers or service providers are having a tough time getting traffic to their website.

At such a time SEO – Search Engine Optimization comes to your rescue. The best pages get a higher position on search engine results page.

However, there is no shortcut, when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but still, there are some success mantras, which can get you traffic. 

1. Keyword placement—

When you are working to optimize the website, first thing you get to learn is Keyword. Keywords are the words, which will drive traffic to specific URL.

Focusing on keyword is not enough; you need to make sure that keyword placement is correct too. Keeping long tail keywords in page titles and body copy will improve the rankings.

Flooding your content with keywords is not correct SEO optimization strategy. Keyword stuffing attracts penalty. Search engine algorithms take full notice of this factor. Ideal keyword density can be up to 2-3%

2.  Content is king—


Well, we heard this many times that content is the king of digital marketing! Due respect should be given to the King!

Yes creating unique and valuable content that is good for users to read is necessary in order to attract traffic to your website.

Frequently update the content to make sure you are providing your audience with useful and on time information.

3.    Image Optimization—

Image s prettifies the look of your website. High-quality images are quite heavy and it takes time to load. Website gets slow due to heavy images. Try to optimize these images in order to keep the speed of page constant. 

4. User-friendly experience—

Most of the tech-savvy generation is on mobile nowadays. They want to make full use of time and technology so they read everything on the go. In this scenario, you need to make sure that your website is easy and mobile friendly too. Your load time makes a lot of difference if it is more than your site traffic will be less. So take due care of this.

5.    Catchy Descriptions and titles—

A unique and meaningful title, along with a description, which is catchy as well as easily understandable, is the main success mantra of SEO. A well-formatted URL, when supported by these two points, will help you get better rankings.



Search engine optimization is all about users and to be successful in business you need to take care of user’s requirement. Good quality content, appropriate use of keywords improves the quality of user experience.

Following best practices, staying up to date with changes in search engine algorithms will keep you higher on search engine results page. However, doing all this is not an easy task. In order to remain relevant in business & succeed in SEO strategies, you need the help of SEO Experts. And, what better way to succeed than to have the best SEO Consultant in Delhi on board. Brand hype is one such SEO company, which helps you achieve the goals. You can get in touch with us at Email—

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