Top 5 Risk Factor Categories of Breast Cancer

by Jitender Kumar SEO Consultant
Breast cancer is a disease which is very common in male and female both. The development of this cancer can be slow or rapid. The patient may not feel any symptom at an early stage. The awareness about the risk factors that support the growth of cancerous tissues in the breast can play a prevention role.

The uncontrolled growth of the cells inside the breast forms in cancer. This can feel like a lump inside the breast. A breast has three parts and this cancer can begin in any of these parts. If you want to prevent your breasts from cancer then it is important to know the factors that lead cancer in the breast. Below are the top 5 risk factor categories of breast cancer:

Widespread reasons: There are two main risk factors under this category:
  • Age factor: Breast cancer diagnose rate is very low for the women under the age of 45 years. The age 60 and plus is registered under a very high risk of breast cancer development. So the age matters a lot in this disease.
  • Female VS male:  Breast cancer detection rate is approx a hundred times higher in females than males. So if you are a male that means you are under the low risk of breast cancer development. For the male and female both patients, there are best cancer doctors in Faridabad.

Genetic reasons: Genetic category includes two risk factors:
  • Breast cancer history:  It is found that male or female patients already had a breast cancer history in their family. If your mother, father, or sister had this disease then it can affect you also. So it important to get your breast check-up done timely if there is a family history of breast cancer.
  • Derived factor: Some derived genetic mutations are also involved in increasing the risk of breast cancer development.

Type of body: Human body type is not the same. Someone is taller than some is short. Someone is fat than someone is thin. Our body type also includes the following risk factors of breast cancer development:
  • Obesity and menstrual history:  The high estrogen levels and an early start of menstruation can be a big reason for having the risk of breast cancer in females.
  • Pregnancy: No pregnancy history or the late pregnancy in the age of near or after 40 also increases the risk of having breast cancer.

The density of the breast: Women with less breast density are under the low risk of cancer development. The high density of breast is a big reason for breast cancer development.

Living style, habits, and Treatment history: No exercising and working schedule may increase the risk of breast cancer development. Drinking alcohol and smoking are also risk factors for breast cancer development. In the past, if you have taken some medicine, or gone through some therapies can be a risk factor, such as:
  • Taking pills to control pregnancy
  • Radiation exposure to the chest area
  • Hormonal therapy
  • DES (to control miscarriage)

If you belong to any of these risk factors than it is mandatory to go for a routine check-up for your breasts. Dr. Shivam Vatsal is known as the superior cancer doctor to treat all types of cancer in different body parts.

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