Top 5 Cryptocurrencies- A Definitive Guide

by Charvie Malhotra Marketing Manager

Cryptocurrency investors have plenty of options.

In fact, to tap new possibilities of digital arena many new digital coins made their entry in last 2-3 years. All this has resulted in generating too many cryptocurrency investment options for investors.

Isn't that's great? NO!

Availability of too many options has further complicated the scenario for crypto investors.

Having so many options it has become pretty difficult for investors to decide which ones are generating most profits?

Which ones are actually profitable to go with in coming future?

Which ones are reliable and are here to stay?

And most importantly!

Which onesinvestors should out rightly ditch?

To get the quick answers of all these questions investors might be doing lot of research.

And why not? After all it a matter that involves hard earned finances. Therefore before making any investment these are the questions an investor need to answer.  

To make it easy for crypto investors like you we have done thorough research based on few market parameters. And based on our research we have prepared this list of top 5 cryptocurrencies that hold financial world's future.

So, let's begin our count down.

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Top 5 cryptocurrenices to invest in 2018

Bitcoin (

It is the financial world's first electronic cash currency that was introduced in year 2008. An unknown person or group of inventors under the name SataoshiNakamoto invented this decentralized, cryptography based peer-to-peer currency. 

As per researchers by the end of 2017 there were 2.9-5.8 million unique users who rely on electronic coins. The market cap of $116,661,189,236 is a ready testimony verifying that most of the virtual coins users rely on Bitcoin. (Reference

Further as of May 2018 total value of Bitcoin surpassed the $100 Billion US dollar mark. The current price of 1 Bitcoin is $6,469 (1 July, 2018).

Ethereum (

Ethereum is a decentralized powerful global platform that is based on blockchain technology and features smart contracts. Ether is the incentive or more simply a fundamental digital coin thats is given to developers for writing quality applications. Ether is used to pay services and run application on the network. 

A crypto programmer VitalikButerin proposed the concept of Ethereum (ETH) in year 2013. 11.9 millions digital coins were pre-mined initially for the crowd-sale. Despite of a split in 2016 the value of Ethereum currency noticed a steep increase of 13000 percent in 2017.

Ripple (

Ripple was developed by Ryan Fugger in year 2004. Using the Ripple Transaction Protocol (RTXP) users can instantly transfer money. Best is that by incorporating Ripple protocol banking and non banking companiesfacilitate their customers to use their services.

In short, by using Ripple users can quickly process their customer’s payments anywhere in the world. Further, by using digital asset XRP banks can considerably reduce their transaction costs. All such features have made Ripple the third largest digital currency in terms of market cap ($18,773,298,679 - reference It is represented by a symbol XRP.

Bitcoin Cash (

In mid 2017 Bitcoin cash came into existence after a change called hard fork. The hard fork was actually supported by biggest mining company and ASIC chip manufacturers to increase the block size. Represented by BCH in less than a year time it has captured a market cap of $12,940,921,856. This enabled BCH to hold the fourth spot in this list.

Making peer-to-peer transactions more economical and reliable BCH aims to make crypto market more promising. After the fork Bitocin holders of block 478558 possesses the same number of Bitcoin cash.

Litecoin (

Based on the Open Source Cryptographic Protocol Litecoin is the fifth largest crypto coin by market cap. Not managed by any single central authority it is represented by the symbol LTC or even XLT. Charlie Lee introduced LTC in year 2011 via an open source client GitHub.

Having full compatibility with Bitcoin API Litecoin is easy to integrate with systems using Bitcoin. Best is that it processes a block every 2.5 minutes which is much slower compared to Bitcoin. This obviously gives it a trademark transactional speed making it much efficient to use electronic coin preferable for small purchases.

Apart from this, there are few other virtual coins that are also making firm mark in digital currency market. These new coins also look promising and are growing swiftly. For better comprehension here are few prominent ones:

  1. IOTA (
  2. NEO (
  3. DASH (
  4. Monero (  
  5. EOS (


Concluding thoughts

I know many of you had made mistakes in making crypto market investments.

How I know this?

Well!Simple because you are reading this blog post.Remember the five and few other names mentioned here currently have edge over others. That’s for sure.

All these top crypto currencies have come a long way since their official beginnings. There is no doubt about that also. But the ride isn’t over yet.

Cryptocurrencies that are in infant stage and don’t even rank in top 50 or 100 can still have fighting chance.

The only thing that need to do the basics right by maintain trust, security and speed of their platform.

And the digital coins which are on top of this need they also need to optimize before competitors catch on.

Mind it!

Competition is cut throat. Make sure that the features associated are practical, interesting and cool enough to make a user grab it quickly. 

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