Top 10 Learning Habits to Become A Successful Video Editor

by Ravi Bhadauria ADMEC Multimedia Institute

you might be a talented video editor. You might even have judiciously sturdy work in media or film industry. But, how can you accelerate your career, and really succeed? Video editing not only improves the quality of the video but also comes with the editing power to keep the most important work and cutting out what's least important. It makes the videos engaging and informative. You can learn video editing by joining one of the specialized video editing institutes.

As we all know in many areas of our life, the only secret to success is forming habits that help you stay focused and on track despite setbacks or distractions. In this blog, we break down the top ten habits followed by successful video editors to help you establish yourself in the industry.

  • Be Organized

An organization is a significant key to being a successful video editor. Besides being organized when it's time to film, knowing you are prepared is half the battle.

This does not mean having your kit in order, batteries charged, and backup equipment is a place. It also includes organizing pre-production work like creating your storyboard, allotting time for and budgeting for each step of the video creation process before you get started. It is just like your first-grade teacher taught you, preparation is the key to success. If you plan ahead of time, execute your vision during the shooting process will make it a lot less stressful!

  • Scheduling Things

Beyond the basics, you also have to stay on top of the business side of video editing. It also includes scheduling time with clients and prospects, managing your calendar, invoices and your taxes.

Scheduling things are an important aspect, just to make sure that your business doesn't get side-lined by unavoidable mistakes. For instance, a heavy tax bill could eat into your gear budget.

  • Keep Your Creativity Alive

In numerous means, creativity is a strength. You have to build strength in this particular area if you're going to succeed as a video editor. Make a habit of regularly visiting art museums, attending talks, and exploring creative pursuits outside of video. By doing so, you'll gain a wealth of perspective and ideas you might have missed out on otherwise.

It's always advisable to document these efforts in a journal, sketchbook or in a notepad software. By having your own book or catalog of ideas, you can use them to get inspired when the time comes.

  • Build Contacts

Few industries are as social and tightly knit as the film industry. Still, breaking in can feel intimidating if you're a solo video editor. You never know when you might need an extra set of helping hands or a friend in a difficult situation. To evade such situations, the best way is to attend industry events at regular intervals. Put effort into networking, and maintaining your book of contacts. Someday, these efforts will pay off when you can get an assistant at low rates, or access to a special place to film just because of your contacts.

  • Keep Updated with New Technologies

Video editing has evolved quickly over the past couple years and it shows no sign of slowing down. The moment you believe you know everything is the moment your business will begin to decline. There are many good video editing institutes which provides training in latest software like Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe After Effects. Also, learn from the video industry by reading blogs and following stories in the news. You'll be able to offer only the best to your customers, and you will see your business thrive.

  • Be Flexible

When you are a novice in the industry without much of a portfolio you are going to have to be flexible. It also means that taking on jobs sometimes which might not be as per your expectation or exactly what you want to be doing, but accepting it adds only to your experience for other clients to see. Not only does being flexible on your choice of jobs help you get jobs, but it also gives you a good idea of what you like to do.

  • Communication is Key

The one thing that can help you rise in your career is the communication skill. Customers (and potential clients) love it when you respond swiftly to their emails. It means that you need to find a way to make yourself accessible and make communication a priority. It's good to work in boundaries and not to be constantly indulged into work but make sure that communication remains a priority.

  • Be Confident

One of the most important factors is to be confident in your work. If you're incapable of convincing yourself that you can do a job; they don't expect a client to feel that confident in you either. It's not wrong to be humble at times but there also comes a time when should be confident enough to tell a client exactly why you are the best person for a job. Just be confident enough that you can do it and if you can, then make sure your client comprehends that. Remember your selling your skills as much as your work, to ensure that you sound confident!

  • Know Your Limits

As a video editor, it is extremely important to know your limits. Confidence is vital but always deliver what you promise. Sooner or later you might take up a job which just sounds amazing but you're going to realize that there's no way you'll be able to complete it on time. It's very important not to make any false commitments and not give your clients any reason at all to give you negative feedback.

  • Push Yourself

There's a slight difference between trying too hard and failing and not trying hard enough and failing as well. It will differ for each individual but you're going to need to find that point where you are pushing yourself and continuing to grow. Constantly push yourself to produce better work and to take on larger projects if you feel you're ready because chances are that you are ready. So, make sure you're not just hanging out on that plateau for too long. Get up and climb that next hill!

Above mentioned list is the best 10 learning habits we have discussed for becoming a successful video editor. The key to success is to maintain a balance of everything and it's going to be different for each person. Make sure whether you are a beginner or a professional, learning video editing courses will only help you grow and enhance your skill set. We wish you all the best and hope these tips have encouraged a few of you that you really can take the plunge into the video editing world. If you have any questions or comments let's keep this discussion going in the comments section below.

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