Top 10 House Moving Tips For Your Next Relocation!

by Ram Sewak Transportation
In this article, you will come across some of the most popular and practical relocation advice that you always wanted to check out for your house move. You have got an upcoming Kochi to Mumbai move booked with the professional packers and movers in Kochi. You are going through the preparation phase of the move and therefore, keeping a close eye on all the authentic moving resources you are finding online. You are reading informative posts on packing and moving and you are exploring facts, figures, tips, and statistics that everyone planning for a move should know about.

Currently, you are in a lot better, a lot more informed position because now you can easily distinguish between a good tip and a useless hack, a good mover and a duplicate mover, a traditional moving principle, and the latest moving advice, etc. With all of this mindfulness already in action, we assume you would not mind taking some cues from the collection of moving ideas shared below.

1. Gather everything in place timely – If you have the essential packing materials you will need for the packing task with you, you can start with the packing tasks anytime. Make sure you have sufficient stock of the basics including wrapping sheets, bubble wraps, foam sheets, tissue papers, stretch wraps, packing tape, permanent markers, safety scissors, cutters, etc. assembled in a big basket or a moving carton so you can place it where the packing task is going to happen. Keep the materials back into the box so you do not run all over the house searching for them.

2. Sustain harmony in the tasks you handle – Execute the packing task systematically. Do not attend one item from a room and then another item from another room. Follow an order. Go room-wise because that is what an ideal packing process is. If you have begun with the simplest of tasks, manage them all before you start with the next set of tasks and so on. Maintaining this process will help you to close more tasks and you will be able to check off them from the packing list.

3. Dedicate a few days to packing fragile items – Packing fragile articles like glasses, lamps, pictures, appliances, artifacts, collectibles, etc. are some of the most tricky items that require a specific process, some extraordinary packing materials, certain equipment and some time to be worked out properly. If you are handling them for your move, without any expert guidance, keep aside a good number of days that will allow you to manage all your fragile goods proficiently.

4. Keep buffer time for the packing tasks – The packing timeline you will design for your packing tasks should not be confined to simply the addition of the total time required by every task but there should be ample amount of time to cater to the emergencies if ever they take place during the move. This buffer time would help you to balance your timeline evenly even if something or the other surprising thing takes up more hours than what you expected they would take.

5. Know all the tricks to simplify the task – Today; no one has a lot of time to devote to every aspect of the move. Everyone is mostly busy and so they choose to book professional movers for the project well in advance. But no matter how busy you are, you should spare some time out of your schedule to explore some time-saving packing and moving hacks so that the move becomes simpler. You can even learn the process to work out the tricks from YouTube videos.

6. Opt for dedicated packing services – Professional moving companies are focused on offering specialized packing and moving services for certain special goods. You can opt for those services if you have a fair range of unique, extraordinary stuff in your household. Although these services are a bit pricy you can opt for them to ensure your high-value, fragile and invaluable stuff gets the required care and attention for the move.

7. Avoid making boxes too heavy – There is one big mistake that we people tend to make, it is we unknowingly make the moving boxes too heavy by overtly packing them. We go beyond the prescribed weight limit and relentlessly stuff things in cartons thinking they are well-built and would carry it all easily. But that is not how one should be doing it. One should pack things mindfully by keeping a check on the weight of the cartons.

8. Help the professionals if you want to – When the professionals will come to your place, they will work as per their plan and swiftly manage the entire range of household stuff in comparatively less time. If you are present at the moment, try not to intervene in the process or if you have queries, let the movers first pack your things and then place your queries to them so they can resolve your qualms easily!

9. Inform the movers what you will pack – In case you are left with the packing of your share of items that you thought you would manage before the movers reach your place, you can simply advise the professionals to not attend those specific goods. Or else, collect those items into a different room so they do not end up packing them when you are not present on the spot. Keep the communication clear.

10. Know a few carton packing ideas – If you have chosen to pack some of the moving cartons yourself, you must keep in mind that only good-quality moving cartons are used for the purpose. Do not forget to line the bottom of the moving boxes with a coat of bubble wraps, foam sheets or simply packing paper. Leave some space on the top and do not pack things up to the brink.

You have got an upcoming relocation project marked on your calendar and decided with the professional movers and packers in Kochi. We hope the above-mentioned relocation tips would come in handy and would assist you to make your move every bit of your memory.

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