Top 10 benefits of electronic signatures for your business

by Mahender Bist CEO

In today’s hyper-connected world, conventional methods of signing and validating documents are increasingly being overshadowed by technological advancements such as electronic signatures. If you do not know much about e-signatures, here is a perfect place to learn about them and the benefits that come with signing documents online.

What exactly is an electronic signature?

You probably might have come across several definitions of e-signatures. However, let’s focus on one and the most straightforward one. An electronic signature is an electronic form of data which can be used to execute signatures on electronic documents or records. This type of signature enjoys the same validity status as that of the wet-ink signature.

In other words, an e-sign is a distinctive mark in an electronic form which validates and verifies a document, in the same manner as a pen-and-paper signature would. Adoption of this signing technology has been on the rise for some time now, particularly when dealing with legal, business, and government documents.

Reasons why electronic signatures are becoming the new favorite way of signing

1. Esign online and save your most valuable resource – time

First and foremost, esignature software speeds up the document turnaround time. There is no need to print, scan, post a document, anxiously wait for the recipient to sign and send it back to you. A lot of time is wasted in the process. With an electronic signature, you can process your urgent documents in a few clicks, within seconds.

More so, a top-notch electronic signature platform, allows you to sign documents anywhere, anytime, and on any device. It is particularly important for that pressing issue or, if you are out of the office or short of time to go there to get everything prepared. No such pressure for those who esign online.

Also, retrieving your documents becomes much quicker with an electronic signature solution. No more looking through heaps of paper when searching only for one document. Just access it with a click of a button. In a few seconds, the “missing” document is ready for you to modify or share with the relevant parties. E-sign software guarantees a noteworthy efficiency gain, which allows you to manage your time more wisely.

2. Quicker decision implementation

Enforcing decisions, especially in an organization setting, is not an easy thing. Numerous documents must be signed and approved by multiple stakeholders. And as you might be aware, the more time the signing and the agreement process takes, the more time it will take for decisions to be effected. It is not unusual even for sound business decisions to get lost amidst all the procedures and lose their momentum over time.

If you wish to lessen the gap between a decision and its execution, then you need electronic signatures to hasten the formalities associated with the approval process. With the stakeholders quickly signing off the vital documents with e-signature and giving the decision a mark of approval, you can implement the decisions much more quickly.

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