Tooth Extraction

by Pooja Chauhan Freelance Professional

Dental  is an important part of the human body, providing a beautiful appearance to the human being and the task of cutting and tearing food .

Despite the importance of teeth severe, some health problems requires the process of removal of teeth and disposal. Causes of tooth decay include decay, gingivitis, tooth fractures, severe tooth infections, the appearance of excess teeth that hinder the work of the original teeth, dislocation of the wisdom tooth, radiation therapy in areas surrounding the teeth such as neck and head, and Psychiatric patients.

Dental removal is a very simple process and may require some local anesthesia. Surgery is rarely required. both of them are available in Dentist in dubai clinic The process of tooth extraction over time has evolved from removing by the pliers without the drug, or by tying the tooth to the end of the thread and the other end to the door, to a more accurate and less painful process than before under the supervision of Dubai clinic experts familiar with the process of dislocation of the tooth.

How to minimize pain during extraction ?

Nowadays tooth extraction became painless .as we have local anesthetics especially the new ones like Articaine, which has been released in the last few years. it's more powerful , deeper and lasts longer .so the patient don't have to suffer when he extract teeth .in addition to anesthetics dentists in Dubai clinic take more time to do things gently , and do their best to avoid pain and help patient to be relax during extraction .

 What about pain after extraction ?

There are two kinds of pain

It may normal for the first 3 days , but we should to use antiodontalgic to can recover pain and  aiding tissues to heal and minimizing pain afterwards.

After 3 days If there is pain it may cause other problems.

after the third day the dry cavity may cause abnormal pain .

 The  blood pressure can cause the clot pushing  out and make  it  start bleeding again.

the most common cause to disintegrate the clot is smoking so avoid it as possible you can .

there are a lot of mistakes people do when they want to clean the area and getting the food out ,by that wrong ways they flushing all the blood clot out .

Tooth extraction patients need their blood to clot as that is what holds everything in place and helps it heal.

What patient should do when he has up up normal pain ?

When the patient feel there is anything up normal or permanent pain, he should call and visit specialist dentists in Dubai clinic check is better than staying home and suffering pain ,and it make it easier to deal with the problem.if you are in this position , don't wait and call dentist immediately .

Reasons of tooth extractions fear :

There are a lot of people who don't accept at the idea of an extraction or root canal at all .The two reasons for that are :

1.They’ve had a bad experience in the past .

2.They have had a wrong way extraction , eg where someone has been trying to take the tooth out without treatment  when the tooth should have been sent to a specialist dentist .



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