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tobacco merchant account is an especially dedicated account to online tobacco merchants. And this merchant account helps tobacco merchants to run online payments smoothly. There could be many reasons for which this account is provided to tobacco merchants.

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  • Why is it recommended only for tobacco merchants?
  • Where can you get this merchant account?
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Real-Time Transactions

Many other payment processors take time to reflect transactions. It won’t happen with this merchant account. A tobacco merchant account has the support of a high-risk payment processor. And that is fast enough to process and reflect the transactions.

Just because of that, consumers get annoyed which is bad for the company’s goodwill. With the help of this feature, tobacco merchants can provide convenience to their customers.

Real-Time Reporting System

Trying to keep a clean and systematic record? Don’t worry; a real-time reporting system will help you. This system alerts the merchants whenever a transaction is placed. Even it saves transactions records as a backup for merchants.

So, they’ll be able to get a view of their previous sales matters. And this helps the merchants to keep a systemic and clear transaction record. Also, it alerts the merchants even if an issue occurs in the payment processing system.

Isn’t it time and money-saving? The more precautions you keep the more loss you can prevent.

Alternative Modes of Payment

Tobacco products might be less expensive. But people who buy them may look for several methods of payment when needed. See, everyone doesn’t have the same payment method available every day.

Sometimes they lack the mode that a merchant offers to them. But with this merchant account, merchants don’t need to worry. This account can receive payments in several popular modes with the help of the feature APM.

Such facilities can give freedom to foreign customers to buy the products with the mode of payment they want. Try to provide convenience whenever you get the chance.

Multi-Currency Transaction

Online website or app is open to millions of users worldwide. And that creates the chances of getting paid from several countries. The payments will be in several currencies as the country may differ.

For that, this account will help the merchants to receive online payments in several currencies. So, the merchants won’t get any issues dealing with foreign consumers.

Bank Cascading

Several merchant accounts couldn’t properly provide you with the performance you expect. But with this merchant account, you need not worry about that. This account has the support of several acquiring banks. And it can prevent issues such as payment stuck, stop, and failure.

Even if one bank is refusing to complete the process, another bank will do it in time. This will provide consumers with the convenience of seamless transactions. On top of that this will reduce the chances of chargeback for you.

Easy Returns

There are many countries where merchants are unable to deliver their products due to certain circumstances. In that case, merchants have to refund the payment to the consumers as soon as possible.

But when the merchants fail to make the refund on time, the consumers are compelled to claim the chargeback. And just like this, many times things don’t work in the favor of merchants. So, merchants have to bear a loss.

With this account, merchants get the feature of easy returns. That automatically detects whether the transaction needed to be refunded or not. If the country from where the transaction has occurred is marked as “not available for delivery”, the payment will be refunded without a delay. It helps the merchant to prevent an unnecessary loss. Isn’t it?

Tobacco merchants work in the nicotine industries which is vast. And the products are not limited. So, the number of consumers is also not small. To handle the online payments coming from such a big group of people merchants need reliable technology.

This merchant account has always been proven as a reliable partner since it came into the industry. It can successfully transact payments without any error. Also, it comes up with a smart user interface that is easy to use.

Tobacco merchant account accepts several modes of payment. What could be better than that?


See, if you’re looking for this merchant account then you should at least approach an experienced one. The benefit of approaching an experienced one is you can get strategies to grow your business. And if you insisting on getting an expert to handle it then you should look for the following things

  • Security: A partner that you want to grow up with should provide you with a sense of security. Without it, you’ll always wander in tension that who would protect your data. And what if someone tries to steal it for their malicious acts. This type of fear won’t be around you if you are with a reliable partner.
  • Chargeback: It’s an issue for many merchants. So, if someone seems to be promising to you, then they should protect you from chargeback too. A reliable partner won’t step back in a situation like this.
  • A Supportive Character: Whomever you want to get into a contract with should answer all your queries. It will lead you to your satisfaction. A reliable partner doesn’t leave their partners wandering around with doubts in their heads.
  • Productive: “A reliable partner is like an online novel that gets an update every other day or week”. You cannot find a better partner than whoever you are getting such services from if they give you new tips to increase your human network.


Highriskgateways has been providing high-risk merchant services since 2012. And it’s enough for proving someone’s experience. We’ve dealt with many risky situations. Dealing with them wasn’t easy. After getting into the battleground, it didn’t leave us with scars only but also taught some great lessons as well.

Our main focus is to provide merchants with the best ever solutions and guidance they need at the right moment. As a responsible PSP, it’s the responsibility of PSP to help the merchants in every possible way to achieve their goals.

We have great relations with foreign acquiring banks. And with the support of such reliable partners, we can help you to get faster approval for this merchant account easily. Where high-risk merchant account will help you to receive online payments easily, the high-risk payment gateways will help in processing them faster.


There are several PSPs providing merchant services in the international market. But only some of them are genuine who will genuinely provide you with the services that are best for you. And if you can get the support of an experienced PSP, then how great that would be.

Right? Also, this account will provide you with features that will help you to come out of drastic situations. Think about what we talked about. And if you make your mind to get a tobacco merchant account for yourself then please drop a mail at

“Turning a great opportunity means choosing the path to failure”

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