Tips To Saving Money On Firewood!

by Black Forest Firewood Firewood Supplier
Are you looking forward to heat your home with firewood? Sure, they can provide a pleasant environment in your home’s fireplace during winters, but let me tell you that they are pretty costly. Here are tips to save money on firewood!

Get in touch with tree companies

Get in touch with the local tree companies can ask them that what they do with all the wood that they haul off from the job site! Many of the companies sell it off and there are many that are willing to give it away and you could be the lucky one! If you are lucky enough, you will get firewood free of cost!

Scout construction sites

When a construction is going on in any site, it leads to generation of lot of waste and one of them is lumber. You can go through such construction sites nearby and ask the manager of the site, if they are willing to let off the leftover lumbers and there are huge chances that they will happily allow you to take the lumber cast off. The reason is pretty simple! It will help them to cut down their dumping fee that they will have to pay in order to get rid of the waste and thus, if they are getting rid of lumber waste without having to pay a penny for it, what is the harm! So, you won’t have to work hard to get a yes!

Tip: Make sure that you do not use pressure treated lumber as it releases dangerous toxins when burned.

Get wood from national forest

You can get in touch with the nearest national forest to see what their firewood policy is. Luckily many of them will allow the permit to cut the woods from within the park, only if you stick to a few rules.

Contact your city

Your city has to deal with tree maintenance, just like everyone else. So, you can get in touch with your city’s parks and Rec department and the grounds maintenance division to see if there are any chances to nab free firewood.

Ask your friends and neighbors

If all of the above things do not work out for you, then you can go ask your friends and relatives if they know any cheap firewood available nearby.  The more people know what you are after, the greater are chances that you will get it quickly.

Collect firewood at the end of session

Of course, as the name suggest at the end session, you can expect a lot of discount. So, wait for the session end of winter like in February, when any store of firewood delivery in Sydney will be eager to clear up the stock. You can grab that chance and load firewood for winters at a good discount rate.

Use well seasoned woods

In order to burn the wood properly, it needs to be seasoned properly. Properly seasoned wood burns hotter and longer and creates less creosote. So, you need it dry it properly for at least a year for it’s best utilization.

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