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by Monika Satyawali digital marketer
Do you get jealous of those Instagram models popping up on your feed with their photogenic faces and irresistible hair? Of course, most are fake pictures that have been touched up and filtered by professionals...but then once in a blue moon you come across someone like Adriana Lima or Gisele Bundchen and you just know that this is for real. This is the difference between a supermodel and an Instagram model. The luscious locks on these women can tempt even Aphrodite. How do they do it? How do they get out of bed looking perfect? Isn’t it time that you can hashtag a photo #blessed or #wokeuplikethis too?
You deserve it, but if you look into the glamorous lifestyles of these supermodels, you will notice something. Everything they do, right from the fruits that eat for breakfast to the hours they spend in the gym, it's all geared towards making them look as pretty as possible. A region that is set in stone that is followed through religiously is what it takes to pull of that confidence. But there are some tips that can help you better healthier and natural hair that equals those levels too. Let’s have a look of what they are.

Get the right cut:
 There are trillions of ways you can wear your hair. You can curl it, wave it up, straighten it, tie it up, braid it up or even go for a shaven hair look. Whatever you choose, make sure that you just don’t go with the trends. Research and spend the time to find out if it will actually look good on you. We all have different features. Right from our eyes, to our cheekbones - the perfect haircut will enhance your beautiful features and neutralize the imperfections.

This is why many supermodels choose to go to an experienced stylist who knows what goes with what. Another thing you can note is how most of these models rock long layered cuts on mid-length hair. This gives keeps the hair timeless and versatile. Now you are now confined into a circle of set ways of grooming. The more the options the more the fun!
It's amazing how a little color can transform your entire look! One of the most fun ways to add dimensions to your hair is by getting highlights. This can be done by knowing the perfect color that compliments your looks and your personality. Feeling in an extra spicy mood? Why not go with the burgundy flames. Want to let the world know you are a proud feminist? Go ahead and dazzle you hair with neon green or a dash of wild purple.
Having highlights adds volume automatically. It, of course, feels the same but visually, it adds a lot of elements to the picture. 
Some colors go well with dark skin and others with light skin. Use this to your advantage and find the perfect highlights that can even make your face glow and look prettier.
Air Dry
Technology can be a blessing and a curse. A lot of us are losing the natural goodness of our hair. We are sacrificing all this to get the job done quicker. Our hectic rat race schedules makeup reaches for the nearest hair dryer because drying them the natural way is apparently now out of the question. Yes, it takes time. Yes, it can be tiring and mundane. But what better when to get to know your hair and tend for it that with your own hands?
All those heaters, straighteners, curlers and dryers just suck out all the natural moisture from your hair. All those essential oils inside will be lost and at the end of the day, it’ll leave your hair dull and lifeless. Hair damage is real and you know you’ve got it when you feel how brittle it has got. Hair breaks so easy and you can see how frizzy things are getting lately. 
The solution is pretty simple. Stick to the a natural way of things. Let it be damp for a while. Use a towel and rub slowly. It helps to build texture and soon all your natural oils with be back in full form. Give your hair the freedom it deserves.
Sticking to your regular shampoo and conditioner and praying for supermodel's hair is not going to get you anywhere. The secret that many of these women have is oiling them regularly. It doesn’t even have to be something exotic like Moroccan oil. Something as simple as coconut oil will do. Make it a habit to use coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner. After your weekly hair maintenance routine, these chemicals usually wash away a lot of essential oils from your scalp and hair. This is why massaging coconut oil into your scalp and onto your hair can do tons of help. 
Basically, you are rejuvenating your entire body through this process. Coconut oil has a cooling effect revitalizes can revitalize your worn out muscles too.

Switch It Up
One of the biggest myths of hair treatment is how shampoo should be used first and then a conditioner. This is still a very good method to go about your routine as the shampooing can remove all the impurities while the conditioner leaves your hair soft and heavenly. Now there is only one problem with this process. Shampoos make your hair bouncy and voluminous while conditioners have an opposite effect of weighing it down. 
So how about switching it up and going with the shampoo for the finishing touch. Now you have hair that is not weighed down and beautifully bouncy!
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