Tips to Free Up Space on Your Phone

by Jemma Barsby Content Writer

Your Phone contains a lot of things that you actually do not need. There is a need that you erase mobile phone data that you no longer need. If you sell or buy second hand laptop or phone, then you need to make that the data of the phone or the laptop is erased so that in case of selling it you do not end up sharing your personal information and in case of buying you get enough space to fill as per your choice and preference. In this article today, we are going to share certain tips to free up space on your phone that you might not be otherwise aware of.

Check the usage and get rid of unwanted things

In order to free the space in your phone, you first need to know what is actually consuming the space. To do so, you need to go Settings app and then to General. There you need to click on the option that says Usage and then on Manage Storage. Right at the top you will be able to see the space that has been taken and the amount that is still available. Exactly under this is the list of the apps that are ranked by the amount of space these apps are using. Now it is totally up to you how you want to free the space. You can firstly get rid of those apps that you are no longer using or that finds little use in your day to day life. there are plenty of apps that though installed on your phone are actually never used. There is no point keeping such apps. In addition to this, it is time that you get rid of those old podcasts as well as videos. Another thing that you can do is setting the messages to automatically expire by going to Settings then Messages and under the option that says Keep Message, you must select 30 days. you first need to know what is actually consuming the space. To do so, you need to go Settings app and then to General.

Keep an eagle eye on phones functions

There are some apps that consume a lot of space themselves and at the same time also give vent for internal downloads that too without your knowledge. This is one of the major reasons that cause lack of space on your phone. Instead of saving photos in the gallery of your phone, you can go in for making use of Google+. Other than this you must also clean your music gallery on regular basis and get rid of songs that you no longer hear. Never let messages pile up in your inbox as these might consume a little space individually but as a whole these end up consuming a lot of space.

All in all, these are the tips to free up space on your phone. Make it a point that you clean your phone on regular basis so that you do not end up being left with no space when you require it to download something urgently.

The author suggests that prior to handing over your mobile phone to someone else or selling it at the second hand price, you must ensure that you erase mobile phone data. There are many people who buy second hand laptop or mobiles and can recover the personal information of the initial user.

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