Tips To Do Housework Without Hurting Your Back

by Brittany W. Content Writer

Cleaning is one of the common reasons for back or shoulder pain. People tend to strain themselves trying to keep things tidy and end up visiting a functional medicine doctor in Denver.

Most tasks like mopping or washing dishes require some effort on your part. Overdoing them can put some strain on your body.

Lack of proper posture is another common problem during housework. People tend to slouch or lean in awkward positions when working. This can also strain your body and lead to backaches or other issues.

You need to take care of how you go about your chores to avoid back issues.


Vacuuming is one of the reasons why many people get a habitual bent over position, People tend to vacuum their floors while repeatedly bending at their waists. This often leads to problems in the vertebrae.

So instead of bending over to vacuum, move forward with your legs. Keep your back upright and push your chest forward.

You can also perform partial lunges while working. Just place your foot slightly in front of the other without overextending yourself. For support, place your non-vacuuming hand on the thigh in front.

Getting a lighter vacuum cleaner can also make the task easier and avoid ache.


Between lugging the laundry basket around and reaching for stuff, you have many pain points to worry about.

Let’s start with lifting the laundry. Like most things, people tend to bend at the waist when picking up clothes. This puts some strain on the back, especially since the laundry basket can get quite heavy. 

Instead of bending at your waist, bend down with your legs while keeping your back straight before standing up. Keep the basket close when carrying it to maintain your body’s center of gravity.

Try to divide your laundry into smaller portions instead of lifting it all up. Place the basket on a table or chair when putting clothes in the washing machine. This way, you don’t have to keep bending.

You can use one hand to take support of a nearby surface while loading the washer with the other.

Washing Dishes

Do not bend your back while washing and scrubbing dishes. If you want to avoid back pain, then keep your back straight.

Many people place a small step inside the lower cabinet and rest a foot over it. This may sound awkward but helps you squat lower and keep your back straight while cleaning dishes.

People suffering from a sacroiliac joint may find it comfortable. Just place the pain-free foot on the stool or box. It can also help you build your core strength, reducing the chances of backache while working.

Cleaning Windows And High Places

Cleaning windows and high places often create a strain on your back and shoulders. To avoid it, avoid working too much above your head. Make short movements not far from you. Reach high places with the help of a step stool or a step ladder.


Mopping is another common reason why many people need to visit a holistic doctor in Denver for backache. Carrying the water and mopping the floor are the main concerns.

Rather than carrying a bucket of water, use a wheeled bucket with a long handle. You can move it without bending or straining your back. A mop trolley usually comes with a section to wring out the mop easily.

If you don’t have a wheeled mop trolley, carry little water in a bucket. Carrying too much might strain you. You can always refill the bucket when needed.

When mopping, keep your back straight instead of bending. Use a long mop stick that lets you stay upright while cleaning. Try not to mop an area wider than your width in front of you. Keep it close in front of you while moving it like a pendulum without rounding your back.

Dry the floor before using it to avoid slipping. Warn others about the wet floor to avoid accidents.

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