Tips on Choosing the Right Power Cord for Your Appliance

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A power supply is an essential part of our everyday life. On an average day, you will use your coffee machine, and another person will use a laptop to get things done. However, the power cord connecting these items to the power supply may need replacements now and then. 

Identifying the right cords can be a daunting task. To help you out, here are some tips on how to select the right power cords for your appliances. 

Power Code Types 

There are two different types of power cords with the right standards for use in America. These are:

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Cords 

Nema 5-15PRA to ROJ


They offer two different types of cables, i.e. the NEMA series 5 and 6. The NEMA 5 series is what many in North America use for their daily activities. It comes with:

  • Hot, ground and neutral wire combination. 

  • It approximately carries 125V maximum. 

  • Popularly referred to as the 100 circuits due to its 110V carriage.

  • The NEMA 6 is commonly known as the 220 Circuits as it takes a voltage of 208 to 240. 

The IEC 60320 

It classifies its cords into international standards by only having the power plug and leaving the receptacle up to the owner. The power plug is the section of the power cord that you insert into the power socket. The repository is the other end that you join to your appliance. 

The strategy allows different countries to make receptacles that match their electrical appliance needs. For instance, the IEC C13 or C14 can be a Samsung TV power cord or a connector that can connect to personal computers and other monitors. The C20 and C19 are essential in connecting devices that require uninterruptible power such as servers. 

The power supply codes have further classifications that may enable you to select the right power cord for your appliances. These include:

  • Retractile cords which are highly versatile in their use for both industrial and home use. Highly reliable, which makes them perfect for medical use.

  • With no significant electromagnetic interference, you can use unshielded cords.

  • For coverage from different conductors, foil shielded cords are suitable. 

  • For flexibility in movement, then detachable cables are your best bet. 

  • For multiple connectivity and use, try the two-conductor cords as they have numerous ends for different purposes.

Match the power rating of the power cord and appliance 

LCD/LED TV Power Cords 5-15P to IEC 320 C-13


If purchasing a TV power cord, you must match the cord voltage to that of the television. If buying another for outdoor speakers or indoor computer servers that are electrical intensive in their usage, you also have to match the voltage or amperes. 

Selecting a power cord that does not deliver the right amount of electricity to your appliance can result in a fire outbreak due to overheating. Also, it can damage your devices or limit its functionality. 

Keep the power cord short where possible 

Power cords allow you to use your appliance whenever and wherever you need them. However, the wires need to be short if possible, to deliver the desired amount of voltage to your device. If the cord is too long, the delivered voltage decreases, and so does the efficiency levels of your power cord. 

Therefore, before purchasing a cord, be sure to check on the length that you need. Don’t make it too long and neither too short such as it does not meet your needs. Find the right range that matches the appliance voltage and can carry and deliver the proper energy. 

Go through the power cord’s fine print

Every power plug, cable, and even the receptacle have fine prints that you should be conversant with. The fine prints issue specific directions on how to use the cord. On the power plug, information on where to plug in the socket is present such as connects to the main’s connection, etc. 

Some of the power plugs have special features such as LED lights showing current flowing through the cord. Others even indicate the voltage that the cable currently carries. If looking to connect potentially dangerous power tools, it is essential to have cords that can warn you of impending danger. 

Such cords have the GFCI or the ground fault circuit interrupter. It is a feature that prevents unplugging when using the cord. Also, it ensures no accidental electrical shock happens when the cable is in use. 

Examine the power cord thoroughly 



Before making any form of purchase, it is essential to conduct a thorough check on your cord. It helps identify critical information on the cord as to its uses, its certifications, and if it’s proper for what you intend to use it. 

For safety purposes, you should always check your cord for tears. Tears can cause electrical fires if they leak, and electric shocks if a person touches them. 


The right cord is one that matches your appliance needs. It ensures that it performs optimally, safely, and doesn’t damage the appliance in any way. If unsure of your cord needs, it is vital to seek assistance from professionals. If you need to make a cord purchase, make sure you consider these points and get a high-quality, long-lasting cord only.

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