Tips for Drying Marijuana Buds

by David Abbott Content Writer

Regardless of the size of your marijuana-growing operation, you have to go through many steps before having a saleable product. The goal is to end up with a quality product your customers will love. Drying the weed is one step of the process. Among the different options, using a marijuana drying rack works incredibly well.


Why Is Drying Marijuana So Important?

Once harvested, the production of cannabinoids in marijuana ceases. At the same time, resins stop forming, and the weed’s potency begins to diminish. You can slow these effects by using a cannabis hanging drying rack. The end product is void of moisture, making it easier and more enjoyable to smoke.

Also, improperly dried marijuana has an unpleasant bitter taste. That is why recipes for edibles, various food dishes, and beverages all stress the importance of using thoroughly dry marijuana.

There’s yet another reason that drying marijuana is so important. Trying to rush the process would alter the THC effect. When done right, the plant’s chlorophyll, which causes the bitter taste, converts to sugar. Although THC is present, it’s not yet active. The drying process will determine marijuana’s potency level, and thereby, the experience that people have.


Get Excellent Results With a Marijuana Drying Rack

Although you can dry pot plants using several different methods, many people like the results of a stainless steel drying rack. You need to remain patient during this process. On average, it takes about eight weeks to get the weed 100 percent dry.

Place the marijuana drying rack in a dark, clean room. Make sure the temperature doesn’t exceed 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and the humidity is not more than 50 percent. During the first seven days, allow the marijuana to dry slowly. It’s during this timeframe when the harvest plants need the most protection from bacteria and mold.


Selecting the Best Stainless-steel Drying Rack

The type of cannabis hanging drying rack plays a significant role in the quality of the dried bud. So, you want a rack that gives adequate space between the plants. That’ll go a long way to protect the marijuana from rot and fungus.


The Curing Stage

After using a cannabis hanging drying rack, curing the weed is the next step. Before moving forward, you want to be certain the weed is completely dry. That means it shouldn’t have more than 10 percent moisture. To check if it’s dry, rub a bud between your fingers while squeezing it gently. If it breaks apart, it’s too dry.

You can also carefully bend a stem of the plant. If it bends easily while making a snapping sound, the weed is too dry. If it bends but doesn’t snap, it’s not dry enough. For a perfect outcome, you want the stem to bend, snap without making a loud sound, and for a bud not to crumble when pressed between your fingers.


Buying a Premium Stainless-steel Drying Rack

Harvest Supply Canada Inc a custom fabricator and manufacturer specializing in meeting cannabis harvesting needs, can provide you with the right cannabis drying product. We offer a range of heavy-duty stainless steel drying racks, heavy-duty harvesting/bucking machines, and custom conveyor systems. For more information, contact us today.

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