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Taking extra time to pack boxes by colors or numbers so as not to lose the order of objects that have been accumulated and stored for a long time at home can be synonymous with stress.


The move is a source of changes that is almost always accompanied by problems and unforeseen events when the move is not carried out by professionals. That is why to avoid a crisis due to the temporary break in the routine that moving involves, it is better to carry out tips for moving and thus avoid an emotional imbalance due to anxiety.


Before you move, remember what.


In which case you are in the process of buying an apartment or other space, it is advisable to remember some moving tips before starting to pack; knowing the correct size of the furniture and making sure that it fits into the new home is essential, otherwise the transition process to a new space will be much more exhausting and slower.


12 tips for a stress-free move


Moving from one place to another is a process that takes a lot of time and energy, so keeping in mind the following moving tips will help make this action easier to perform:


1. Plan and evaluate


The first thing that has to be done within the organization of a move is to have a prior list of those companies that make available packages with what is necessary for personal belongings to arrive in good condition at their new place.


Evaluating whether the new building has an elevator or whether it will be necessary to load the boxes is another element to take into account, since this way the transfer employees will know how to act and what tools to take to transport things without the least risk.


2. Transfer


Within the market there are various options of moving services NYC that offer their services for a correct transfer, checking what they offer and which one is suitable for the budget will provide relief by informing you of the process.


3. Cleaning


Grouping and selecting everything that is not needed will provide cleanliness and extra space in the transport truck, in which case something is broken, the ideal is to take the time to fix it before directing it to its new destination and avoid disasters.


4. Boxes, suitcases, bags, blankets and any material to store


As part of the tips for moving is to use boxes but there are people who prefer to save money and store their objects in bags, blankets or any other material that serves as a protector, this is completely valid to do but you have to make sure that they fulfill the function of maintaining the object intact on the trip.


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5. First boxes


Moving tips recommend that the ideal is to pack something every day, this will give the feeling that everything is under control and that everything is in its place.


6. Dismantle the first furniture


The van has to be big enough to store and disassemble the furniture and along with it in boxes or bags must go those removable pieces that belong to the furniture.


7. Empty the kitchen, bathroom and clean


The kitchen and the bathroom are one of the spaces that tend to accumulate more things inside, therefore, as part of the tips for moving , it is advisable to leave this section until the last week, since there will be objects that you will continue to use. It is best to keep the boxes open and each item in it clean.


8. Separate the basics


Make a division of those objects that will no longer be part of the new house and create a new box with all those basic things that you think you will still need until the last day of moving, yes, do not forget to have each separation marked to avoid confusion.


9. A day before


In the recommendations of the tips for moving the day before, it is advisable to gradually close each and every one of the boxes already reviewed later, large pieces of furniture can be disassembled such as the bed and leave in a corner what cannot be go in the transfer van that is considered to be extremely fragile.


10. The day of the move


Clean one last time as the boxes are picked up, and let the moving company take care of loading and arranging the larger pieces of furniture inside the truck.


11. Final review


One last look around the space to ensure nothing is left behind and the area is clean with no spotlights on.


12. Unpacking in the new house


First place the furniture and then unpack the contents of each of the boxes while folding the cardboard, this will save space and the objects can be placed in their new place.


You are ready to enjoy your new home!


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Let us take care of monitoring the moving process and just worry about enjoying your new home!

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