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by Shiwani Saini SEO Manager

Why do most parents deem it necessary to take their children for Chemistry tuition? Well, a majority do so to help their kids to gain a better understanding of the subject so that they can improve their grades. Chemistry is an important science that revolves around us every day, and that’s why learning it at the O level becomes so important. However, going for O level Chemistry tuition is not a guarantee that you will ace your examinations.

Here are several things that you can couple up with your Chemistry tuition to ensure that you improve your grades.

Make guaranteed that you have a clear understanding of the topics that are tested

When you attend tuition, it is vital that you pay close attention to the Chemistry subjects that are mostly examined. By doing so, you can growth your chances of improving your grades. You have to know that the Chemistry syllabus is wide, which means that the tutor will cover several topics throughout the tuition. However, not everything that you’re taught comes in the examination.

Therefore, ensure to ask the tutor or even check references for the topics that are mostly examined. Make a checklist of the main topics and ensure to include the in your studying schedule. Choosing these topics also gives you a clearer mind and better understanding than you would when rushing through every topic.

Know the periodic table

When you get to your A level  Chemistry tuition class, you will most likely find a chart indicating the periodic table. You will also find the periodic table in the A level Chemistry textbooks. Ensure to know the elements on the periodic table and know how to use it. The periodic table has plenty of information that can help you solve plenty of questions to help you ace your exams.

If you don’t know how to go about it, you shouldn’t worry much because the tutor usually has a good understanding of the subject and he or she can help you maneuver. The periodic table indicates the period number, the group number, and the proton number and mass number, and the tuition can help you know how they relate.

Make your own notes and practice

Most tutors in any tutoring company that you attend will recommend that you write down your own notes. Why do they advise this? Well, because it’s hard for a student to remember everything the tutor teaches in class. Chemistry is a science, and taking notes will help you revisit the key points that you’ve been taught.

Besides taking notes, ensure to practice whatever you’ve studied. Look for practice papers and do several. They help gauge your understanding of the subjects. Moreover, the practice papers give you exposure to the topics that are mainly examined.

Look for a tutoring company that focuses on skills

A level Chemistry gives you the basic knowledge regarding the subjects. As a result, you need to find a tutor that focuses on honing your Chemistry skills. When you have such skills, you’ll have a greater understanding of what is required of you, allowing you to answer questions much better.  

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