This One Thing Can Make the Difference between Retirement and Retirement Riches


When you look around you at your older family members and friends, what do you see? You probably see upstanding people that may own the home they live in. Despite the retirement investment options they have in place, these fine, hard-working people may still have some amount of anxiety about their financial future, particularly the post-retirement years. They would be much better off had they owned another home, as a rental.

Is this what you see in your own future? Don’t you deserve financial security, peace of mind and retirement riches for those golden years? What is the one thing you can do today to future-proof your tomorrow? The answer is simple - retirement real estate investment. No, this isn't as daunting a prospect as you may think. Reaching out to the right retirement investment advisors today can mean a prosperous and secure future for you. It can help create a legacy, secure your children’s future, maybe even finance the education of your grandkids!

Real estate for retirement - the future-proof investment.

If you think real estate investment is not for you, remember what someone memorably said, if cauliflower can somehow become pizza, you can become a homeowner! Markets can crash and companies can go bust. People can lose seemingly secure jobs (as the pandemic has demonstrated), but real estate investments are reliable. Not only does real estate investment appreciate over time, on average, it starts to yield a passive income in terms of rent right away!

When he was an engineer in Silicon Valley in the early 80s, Adiel Gorel had something of an epiphany when he envisioned his own future. Adiel, with a master’s degree from Stanford University, had worked in senior positions with companies such as Hewlett- Packard, Excel Telecommunications, and biotechnology firms. His professional future seemed secure, but Adiel felt he could do better.

Adiel started to invest in real estate in the Las Vegas region in or around 1984. His colleagues thought he was crazy, but soon they saw a method in his madness. Before long, Adiel had formed a consortium of investors of those same Silicon Valley professionals that started to invest in Las Vegas real estate. At the time, properties in Las Vegas were very affordable -- the real estate boom came later. With his nose for sniffing out the best real estate investment options, he then moved to greener pastures. What started with Las Vegas then shifted to Phoenix, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City, and many others.

ICG - The retirement investment advisors.

Adiel Gorel, author and keynote speaker, now has hundreds of properties in his personal investment portfolio and has assisted thousands of investors in creating their own investment portfolios. He now heads the ICG Real Estates Investments team to help secure the retirement riches of others. ICG is a Bay Area trusted real estate firm that helps people invest in safe, financially secure rental homes. They work to connect investors to the ICG infrastructure of realtors and property managers all over the country, and guide investors at every stage of the investment process.

Adiel advises investors to buy single-family homes rather than apartments, condos, and other living facilities with shared spaces. Single-family homes tend to be located in good neighborhoods with the best likelihood of future appreciation. These are the properties that fetch the best returns as rental properties as well, he says.

He advises investors about the regions that are the best retirement investment options right now. Las Vegas is not advisable at this time, because this region is too expensive relative to the current rents, having appreciated furiously over the past year. Sun Belt states, particularly larger metropolitan areas, are generally better investment options now and into the future. The suburbs are also a favorite to invest in. This is where young families are coming to work, looking for homes in good neighborhoods with good schools.

Buy brand new homes, says Adiel. Buying directly from developers can mean better deals, and maybe some freebies thrown in for good measure. This also means better rental income from professionals ready and willing to pay the rent. As a landlord, brand new homes mean fewer repairs and other headaches.

Adiel advises investors to take advantage of the 30-year fixed-rate loan. He advises people to buy as many homes as possible, opting for the longest repayment duration and making the lowest possible down payment, so as to let inflation erode the real value of the debt over the years.

He has no time for financial conservatives who say investors should live no more than an hour's drive from the properties that they invest in. According to Adiel, Americans can and should invest in any part of the country regardless of where they currently reside and invest in the best

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