This is the most Maple story M Mesos safe on mmogo

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It'll be about five times as costly, but it is going to  mesos maple story m  provide you a nice boost to leveling up, particularly as a spellcaster. It is going to also let you use multiple wands (and not be limited to Lifesprigs) if you want to. As for weapons, you are going to want to get dual wield Lifesprigs. Despite being level one wands, these can take you all the way to maps in case you do not wish to replace them. Early on, they're great to put your gems in, because of the +1 to level.


To get a helmet, get a Goldrim. These are cheap and provide around 40 percent to all elemental resistances. This is huge, and will easily carry one to maps. These are both really good beginner items, but you're going to want to replace them once you get to Act Six for new equipment with resists. For your belt, we recommend Darkness Enthroned with just two jewels that have flat damage to spells on them. This alone will place your harm through the roof.


Jewellery can be difficult to select, but the ideal alternative for easy leveling would be to get two Haku rings. These are rings that grant flat lower mana on every spell you cast. With two of these, you'll rarely spend mana before going to a five or four link. This permits you to add lots of links without screwing yourself over. Karui Ward is a superb option if you're using a projectile, but otherwise just opt for raw stats. Last, be certain to have at least two Quicksilvers for, well, moving quickly.


This is the most basic leveling construct for generic builds that use spell damage. It's ideal for people that mean to use Frostbolt or Magma Orb, or any other spell-based damage in the future. You'll use  cheap Maplestory Mesos spells throughout the POE match to scale your damage correctly.Right from the start, place on all your leveling gear and take Freezing Pulse as your reward. Ensure you put it in your Lifesprigs in case you do not have a +1 level Tabula.

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