Things you must know about moon rocks

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Moon rocks are strong, often described as big, fragrant clouds of smoke along with a pleasant and rich taste of Kief. If you are planning to try them, you must consider several things. It will mess with your brain as well as energy level, so, clearing your schedule first would be a great idea.

The making process

The process of making moon rock involves an optimal quantity of marijuana that is dipped or sprayed with hash oil or concentrate. Usually, Girl Scout Cookies flower and concentrate are used to make these joints, but any strain can be used.

Kief, or dry sift or pollen is used to roll the coated nugget. The cannabis flower is covered by sticky crystals called Kief, containing cannabinoids and terpenes.

How potent they are?

How strong the joint is can vary from batch to batch. It depends on various factors like how it is produced, who is producing it, as well as the ingredients used. You can expect around 50% THC in typical Pre-rolled moon rock joints.

Effects of moon rocks

In cannabis, THC is the psychoactive ingredient that causes the high, and moon rocks contain higher THC levels, producing a more intense effect compared to what you get from other cannabis products.

The effect severity depends on certain things such as the strain and the tolerance of the individual. If you are not used to high levels of THC, you may experience more intense effects. Dry, red eyes, dry mouth, and extreme hunger are some common effects of moon rocks.

It produces a slow burn along with few quick effects, kicking into high gear around 30 minutes in. you may experience your buzz lingering for a couple of hours or even longer, especially if you are new to high THC strains.

Things to consider while smoking moon rock

For lessening the high THC effects and preventing nausea, make sure you don't smoke an empty stomach. Staying hydrated is very important, before, during, and after smoking. Consider a slow start, especially if you are new to this, it will help you minimize the effect intensity.

If you are a seasoned cannabis user and have never tried moon rock before, you may find it stronger than anything you have smoked so far. Proceeding with caution is recommended, particularly for those who are completely new to this cannabis thing.


If may have heard of Cannabis cigars and now want to try one, but getting the genuine product is essential. Take your time and research, find the right dealer who can assure originality.

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