Things to remember for becoming a successful YouTuber

by Atul Jaiswal Blogger

Creating a successful YouTube channel is not as easy as people think. As the speed at which they go up when they take shortcut, they also come down at the same speed.

Yes I am talking about those people who have no hesitation in uploading the video to YouTube channel, which is not theirs. They do not think a little bit what its effect can be.

YouTube channel can be deleted by YouTube your whole effort may go to waste.

So let's talk today about how to become a successful YouTuber and take care of what to do so that you and your YouTube channel do not face any kind of difficulties.


1. Uploading Copyright Material

First of all, I speak the copyright material that contains videos and photos of others video on YouTube, never upload any video or photo of anyone without permission or take it from Google Image. This may cause copyright strike on your YouTube channel.

If yes, if you want to use it then first take permissions and then use it so that there is no fear of strike or you can use your own material to do something better than this . If you are uploading your own material, then understand that you are heading for success.


2. Not following YouTube's Community Guidelines

Every company has its own system. Similarly YouTube has its own system and what to do and what not to do. If you do not run according to the company then you cannot work together. It has already been decided whether uploading is correct and what is wrong if you are new to YouTube, then you should first read the Community Guidelines of YouTube, then upload it. Start following the guidelines so that you can avoid the Guidelines Strike, because the Guideline Strike is more dangerous than copyright strikes.


3. Not following YouTube's Copyright policy

Theft is everywhere, even if you have money or a photograph or video of someone else, it will be said to steal. If you do so, then understand that you are taking a huge risk, you pay for it, lose your channel Taxes can be taxed. Yes, uploading content of anyone is a kind of theft, YouTube does not allow it, but still people do not believe it and they make mistakes, but later regret. There is nothing left except If you cannot create your own content then it is my free suggestion that you forget the world of YouTube and do something else that you can do something for yourself.

4. Repeating same Topic in every video.

If you are making a video then make something new so that people will be interested in these videos and channels. If you have already made a video that is already made on a topic, then you will not be appreciated, because people have already watched it. Try to do something new and give something new daily.

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