Things to pay attention to the use and installation of air compressors

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Air compressors are one of the essential products of industry and consumer production. The product of a durable air compressor and its production capacity also depend in part on the process of using and installing the air compressor, so we need to pay attention to the following points when using and installing.

So we have to pay attention to what invites you to refer below!

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Avoid exposure to the sun or poor air circulation
Good ventilation, avoid sunshine / rain / humidity, temperature <35 ° C. Air compressor uses material that withstands high temperatures, can operate at high temperatures, but due to lubrication because limited characteristics, so it will degrade loss of lubrication causing machine malfunction, so avoid leaving the machine in the sun.

Leaving the device in the sun or bad air circulation will cause the machine and a part of the electronic control system to deteriorate quickly due to hot, humid temperatures. Compressors operating in temperatures below 35 ° C will be better, if the ambient temperature is above 35 ° C, it is recommended to use specialized heat resistant lubricants, compressors operating at temperatures. High susceptibility to carbonation reaction due to high temperature formed.

Avoid flammable objects near air compressors
Oil-filled compressors run at high temperatures, so flammable liquids are strictly prohibited near air compressors to avoid danger.

Placing the compressor is difficult at a place with flat ground
To ensure safety, the air compressor uses relatively thick material, so it is quite heavy, but the air compressor still has slight vibration when operating, so the location of the machine must be flat to avoid danger from the vibration of machine may cause.

Wall gap with air compressor
Should put the machine away from the safety net from 30cm or more, the safety net is on the side of the radiator, if placed too close to the wall, the heat dissipation effect is not high, so keep 30cm away from the wall.

Avoid placing air compressors in parallel
Cooling air intake is one of the ways for air compressors to cool, for example, placing 3 ABC machines in parallel, machine A, when operating, discharges hot air, machine B draws in, and machine C sucks exhaust air of machine B , the temperature of 3 machines is C> B> A except the first compressor, the remaining machines must not breathe cool air, the later the higher the temperature.

Do not expose to corrosive gas and dust places near air compressors
The suction compressor must be in the presence of corrosive gas and dirt, which can cause loss of lubrication characteristics of the oil or shut off the inlet valve, resulting in oil spill or dust inlet valve.

Other problems
Use a voltage source according to the engine's design.
Check the air lines of the air compressor to avoid leaks (leaks) of the air lines before operating.
After a while, check the oil level, if it is below or below the limit, add the required amount of lubricant. Initially, the oil should be changed after the machine operates for about 500 hours, in the later times, it should be changed after about 2,000 hours of use to increase durability and longevity for the product. (With diesel engine).
The above issues will help you solve and help reduce failure rates and increase the durability of the compressor, in addition, you can refer to each feature and specifications of the compressor here. to help us plan and use better air compressor storage.

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