Things To Notice While Developing Memorial Plan Philippines Ideas

by Jaymes Thiago Marketing

When it is around the time of a recent death, or a death anniversary, all your friends and family come around to mourn together with you. You may hold a memorial service and then find yourself getting manipulated or scammed by people who try to profit off other people’s deaths. You may run into some unexpectedly high costs because people might take advantage of your vulnerability in your state of mourning. Here is where taking measures for yourself to prevent something like that, come in handy. 

What are memorial plans? 

A memorial plan or a life plan is a prepaid service that allows you the provisions of a casket, memorial services and other benefits. A memorial plan allows the plan holder to predict and pay for costs that would be required in the future at a far lower cost. The best Memorial Plan Philippines package usually include: 

  1. Memorial services (burial or cremation).
  2. Urn or casket
  3. Mortuary or chapel
  4. Embalming services
  5. Pick up services
  6. Transfer permit processing
  7. Death certificate processing


The Memorial Plan Philippines is a useful investment as during emergencies, general vendors might amp up the price, since they know you do not have a choice. However, with a memorial plan package, it can come at one-third of that cost. 

Why it is worth investing in 

It can be hard to think about the future and a time when you will have to bury your loved one, but it is also an act of self-defense from everyone else who will try to take advantage of you and make it a more harrowing experience than necessary. 

How to avail a memorial plan

The first step to purchasing a memorial plan is to ask yourself what you will need. Not only in terms of services provided, but also in payment options and validation period. Payment terms for memorial plans tend to be flexible, since it can be done on a monthly, quarterly, semiannual or even annual basis. 

Choose judiciously 

Also remember to verify the company. If you happen to purchase a plan from a shady company, your money might be lost forever. Remember to check for government regulators or the Securities and Exchange Commission to make sure they are not in trouble, nor that they will cause you trouble. Also check for years of experience and its branches and number of affiliations with other mortuaries and chapels. 

Don’t rush and hurry 

You should not rush while trying to find a memorial package. Shop around and compare services to each other. Make sure to get your money’s worth, since in these cases, benefits are everything and there should be no compromise there. 

Finally, do not allow anyone to pressurize you into buying anything. Trust your instinct and rationale to make an informed decision. At the end, the person who ends up with the plan is you, so it is not for the salesperson to force you into doing something you do not want to, otherwise you might end up paying for something you never wanted. 



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