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Germany is an ideal place to have a tour visit for its lovely climate and great energetic atmosphere. However, before going to Germany one must be aware of certain fact of that country to have a peaceful and a happy tour. German people are disciplined and love to follow their rules and regulations. So you must be careful to obey their rules and regulation or else they may certainly say you the difference between the right and wrong.

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Here are the some of the things to know before you make a plan to visit the country of Germany-

No walking on Bike lanes- In Germany, the bike lanes are just beside the sidewalk. However, you should be careful enough not to enter into the bike lanes with your foots as it is prohibited. You can get a lot of scolding and sounds of bell ringing. So there is no need to get free scolding.

There is no procedure of giving a Tip – Well, you are really accustomed to give a good amount of tip to the waiters in Indian restaurants. However, you just need to change your habit in German restaurants. There is no custom of giving tips to German waiters or any other waiters in Germany. So, there is no need to give the extra amount of money. Just pay for what you have eaten.  Giving of tip can be considered as an insult. So why to take a risk??

Follow the rules- As discussed above, people in Germany are quiet strict about maintaining their rules and regulations. So think twice before breaking a certain rule, even if you consider it to be a minor breaching of code of conduct. You may be doing it the whole time in your country but be careful in Germany. A small breach of walking on the wrong side of the road can have a fine impose on you of 10 dollars. So think what will happen if you break some bigger rules for the namesake of adventure???? Just be safe and enjoy Germany.

Sunday: Germany is closed- Ok, India, even if most of the offices, whether private or government are closed, still many supermarkets or malls or restaurants or even millions of street shopping or street food shops are kept open as it is the best day for all these shops to gain huge profits. However, in Germany everything apart from medicine stores and hospitals and police station are closed. You cannot find a single shop open and the streets seems to be a lonely and deserted place, which in the previous day was active and jolly. It seems that the whole Germany is at sleep and resting on the day of Sunday. So if you want to buy anything essential or urgent do it on Saturday.

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