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Emerald is a gem variety of beryl mineral family with vibrant and distinctly green color. Emerald is a popular gem variety of Vedic astrology commonly known as Panna stone. A small number of locations around the world contain igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks from which emerald stones are formed. As per the earliest references, in Sanskrit emeralds are known as "Marakata" which means "the green of growing things". Later, these gems are introduced to the higher societies in the form of smaragdus. With time, the name of the stone was changed to Emerald. Hence, this is the history behind the name of the precious emerald stone. In Accordance with Indian astrology, Panna Stone is one of the most alleged gemstones of Indian astrology that encourages success in business and employment, as well as in creative and intellectual pursuits, as well as in knowledge-seeking endeavors.

The planet mercury is represented by Panna stone. Mercury is also regarded as the Budh planet and due to its association with emerald, Panna is popular as Budh Ratna. It is best recommended to the weaker placed mercury in the horoscope to rid of malefic effects caused by mercury planets in the horoscope.  Indian astrology prescribes Panna stone for Mithun (Gemini) and Kanya (Virgo) Rashi. In western astrology, Emerald is the birthstone of the cancer sun sign. Aquarius and Capricorn ascendants can also wear emeralds. Before wearing an emerald stone, an individual must ask the astrologer in order to get the maximum benefits from the mystical Panna stone. 

For 5000 years, Emerald gemstones have been regarded as the most desirable and valuable stone.  These green-colored emerald gemstones were discovered by the early civilizations in Africa, Asia, and South America and they have made it the highest honor gem. Due to their amazing properties, emeralds are considered to be a jewel of the highest order. The stone is recognized as the birthstone of the month of May. People born in this month can wear the emerald stone for growth in business and success in life. The United States and many other countries around the world consider this stone as the birthstone for the people who were born in may month. This mystical gem is best preferred in gemstone jewelry. The chemical composition of this Panna stone is Be₃Al₂SiO₆. The hardness level for the beryl mineral family ranges from 7.5-8 on the moh scale. This amazing gemstone is best known for its amazing healing and metaphysical properties that make it different from other gemstones. 

Commonly, there are mainly four members in the precious variety of gemstones: Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, and Panna. These are the most valuable gemstones of Vedic astrology. These three gemstones are supposed to generate more economic commotion than all other colored gems combined. All other colored gemstones outside of the "big three" combined were worth less than emeralds imported into the US in 2015. As the stone is most valuable thus it is higher in demand that means it is a rare gemstone. 

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