Things Should Know About WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg

by Nicki Jenns Solo Traveler

Since the web evolved much faster, the web platforms are in need to keep up. For the next generation of websites, the WordPress platform is also ready, which confirmed with the introduction of Wordpress 5.0 with Gutenberg editor recently. 

Obviously, the integration of WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg editor are long-waited in the world of WordPress. Thousands of WordPress sites require to try the new Gutenberg editor. Keep reading to know about information regarding this WordPress.

The journey of the Gutenberg roadmap so far

Currently, Gutenberg is finished in the ground by ensuring the same features with small changes. Look at the development journey of Gutenberg editor so far.

July – The WordPress 4.9x release will comprise the strong invitation in the dashboard to select the class editor or Gutenberg plugin. Now, Wordpress users need to opt out of the Gutenberg editor instead of opting in. To make Gutenberg much better in all ways, developers keep track of how many people use this editor. The Gutenberg team also explored the way to expand Gutenberg further into the website customization.

August – By the month of August, all the important issues in the WordPress is resolved. The goal of this WordPress is making 100+sites and created 250+posts with the help of Gutenberg. During the release of Wordpress 5.0, Gutenberg will also merge into the core. The mobile version of Gutenberg also made available in the ground by end of this year.

Gutenberg roadmap update

For the introduction of WordPress 5.0 with the integration of Gutenberg, everything is on the right track. Users now can notice the try Gutenberg call to action on their site dashboard, which motivates them to test it out. In case, you have not seen any such a call out on your site dashboard, you might have wrong permission or installed the editor plugin already. Look at the rules applied to the Gutenberg call to action.

ü  Are you an admin user on the single website or super admin on the multiple sites? Is Gutenberg not activated and installed?  Well, you should look at the callout

ü  In case, Gutenberg is installed as well as activated, callout will be available to the contributor users

ü  Upon installing and activating classic editor plugin, callout will be hidden for all the users

Test the Gutenberg editor before trying the original version

Once the Gutenberg integrated into WordPress core, plenty of plugins and theme will be ready along with updates, which they have tested already though Gutenberg was in the development stage. Most of the website owners unprepared and causing the sites to break.

It is always recommended to test the Gutenberg editor before using the original version of the editor with WordPress 5.0integration. To do so, you have to make use of the below mentioned steps.

ü  Develop the staging copy of your site. Bear in mind that you should never test this on your live site

ü  Download and then activate the Gutenberg plugin by pressing the call to action button on the dashboard. Use Gutenberg by reaching plugins -> add new -> search Gutenberg -> press install ->activate

After installing Gutenberg on your staging website, check out whether any issues occur in the front end. If everything looks normal, then create the new post after reaching the dashboard. Pressing adds new lets you to choose the option between Gutenberg and classic editor.

Simply click add new, which set Gutenberg editor by default. Use the dropdown menu to select the classic editor option. Publish the new post by experimenting with the new editor features. When everything goes well, you can stay within Gutenberg.

What to do when the website breaks

On conducting testing Gutenberg in your staging environment if something goes wrong suddenly, you can use the following troubleshooting steps.

ü  Deactivate all the plugins except Gutenberg

ü  Check whether Gutenberg is conflicting with your site theme. If yes, then switch to default WordPress theme and check again. When the issue still exists, it might be the Gutenberg problem or issue with the hosting environment. If not, skip the step

ü Activate CosmicWP Plugin separately and check for the error between every activation. When the error returns after plugin activation, then it might cause the conflict with the Gutenberg

So, this is the complete road map for Gutenberg Editor that you must know about before you start using the new update.

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