These Tips Will Help You Best Style Your Hair during Lockdown

by Smuk Clinic SMUK Hair & Skin Clinic
One thing that the lockdown has sure done for many is that most people have taken control of their hair care and maintenance by themselves as we fail to have any physical access to our favorite saloons and specialists.

As we have already passed the first stage of the 21-day lockdown and with the extension of the same, many people would have started to feel messed up my hair growth. Instead of waiting for the saloons to reopen, many people have made up their minds to have a go at styling hair by themselves. 
To help you with the basic set of tips, rules, and suggestions for achieving a flawless self-styling for your hair, the hair care specialist has shared some vital guidance. 

The same follows -  
Just go for slight setting 

One thing to keep in mind is that right now is no good time to experiment with your style and if you make a cut wrong, you won’t be able to make it to the expert stylist for correcting. Just go for slight adjustments and mild trimming of the tips so that you get rid of the overgrown hair and retain your classy looks.   
Choose the best scissors for trimming
It doesn’t work well when you just grab a pair of scissors from a kitchen drawer and start to trim your beloved hair that you have worked so hard to maintain in the past just because you feel bored of the lockdown.

Pick up the sharpest par of scissors and ensure it is clean and rust-free before trying your hand at hair styling. 
Make your hair damp  

For ensuring a smooth and hassle-free haircut, it is important that you damp your hair well. Hair that is wet can be cut easily and in the safest way possible. You can also shampoo your hair before cutting to make trimming further easy.  
Make small cuts  

It is advised to never be tempted with the process and you must trim short lengths of hair at the tips so as to ensure a clean and professional-like look. Whatever your desired length of the hair is that you wish to achieve, follow a gradual process to make your way up to there and never make the final length cuts at first. 
Remember to keep it simple  

With your self-trimming of hair, never try to experiment too wild and instead follow a simple pattern. Never should you try something too elaborate and instead try to get a consistent length cut overall to gain a perfect trim at home. 
At SMUK we offer the best hair treatment in India and help you style best for being gorgeous every day. Our skincare specialist in Delhi and hair specialist experts are keen to answer all your queries even during the lockdown with online consultation. 

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