These Features Will Make Your Mobile App Stand Out

by Kenneth Evans Content Marketer
Every app development company should focus more on UI/UX as this feature contributes more to the success of mobile apps than other features. There are several Indian app developers that have developed several highly successful. The major secret is a fantastic UI/UX.

So, if you really want to your app to be a success, you should also focus on UI/UX. Nothing attracts users like fantastic user experience. Here are some important tips for giving users awesome general experience.

Simplicity of use

People prefer simple apps. You should make your app as simple as possible. A lot of developers try to impress their users by including a lot of unnecessary features in their app. This ends up making it difficult for users to understand.

There are too many apps for anyone to study the use of any app. Instead, your users will just delete it and look for an alternative that is easier to use. You should only focus on functions that are relevant to the purpose of your app.

In the bid to make it intuitive, you may have filled all the pages with too much information that will overwhelm users. Instead, you should categorize all the information under different collapsible headers. A user can just tap the header he is interested in and relevant information will pop up.

While it is great for your app to be unique, you should put a limit to it. Don’t change the icons on your app from the universally accepted ones. This will make your app even more difficult to understand. For instance, even a 10-year old kid knows that the icon of a magnifying glass represents search function. Changing this in your own app will be counterproductive.

Your app should be small

Users of mobile devices are now more careful with the use of their mobile data and storage facility. So, if your app is too large, users may not be willing to download it. Remember, downloading a large app will not only take a considerable amount of storage space, it will also consume a lot of mobile data. So, in your own interest, try to make your app as small as possible. Large apps are no longer in vogue.

Let it work offline if possible

Depending on the purpose of your app, you should make it work offline if it does not require internet all the time. Most game apps now work offline. App users will not like the idea of using their mobile data each time they want to use your app. In fact, it is even better to give users the option of using it either online or offline.

Make it free

Gone are the days when any user will pay a dime to download any app. This is what the competition in the app development market has caused. There are too many apps in different categories for anyone to pay for any app. So your app should be free.

Focus on increasing the number of users first. When your users hit a certain threshold, advertising agencies will approach you for advertising contracts. This is where you will make your money. It is simple, focus on hitting millions of users first and the figures will follow.

Low battery consumption

The world is generally moving towards energy efficiency. So, your app should consume little battery power. Don’t make the users of your app keep charging their device often. They will either delete your app or refuse to stay long on it.

Low requirement

While the current Android operating system is Android 7 Nougat, a lot of people still make use of Android 5, 4 and even 3. So, if you make the requirement of your app high, you will cut off a lot of smartphone users. For instance, if your app only works on Android 5 and above, you have cut off people using Android 3 and 4.

This is counterproductive to your interest. Most apps that have over 50 million users are the ones with very low requirements. The lower the requirements of your app the more the people that will download, install and use it. The choice is yours.

Fast loading time

Another feature that attracts users is fast loading time. It takes less than 10 seconds for an ideal app to load. So, you should work on that. People may still accept an app that takes about 12 to 20 seconds to load. Any app that takes longer than 20 seconds to load is a failure. It is unacceptable.

The best way to achieve all these features is to hire very experienced app developers that have developed several successful apps. These developers are already aware of these features and they will definitely work on them. Here are a few tips on how to hire reliable and experienced top app development companies in Dubai.

Hire a team

Even though there are individual app developers and their charges are usually lower, it is better to hire a team for continuity. A mobile app requires regular updates and you need a developer who will always be around. If you hire an individual today, he could do a good job today but when you need his services after a couple of months for an update, he may likely not be available.

Beware of ridiculously low charges

It is tempting to hire a developer with the lowest charges but you need to be careful with those that offer prices that are way below the average charges. This is a big pointer to low quality service. It is usually the inexperienced developers that lure prospective clients with ridiculously low charges.

At the same time, this does not mean that higher charges will always lead to higher quality jobs. It is all about striking a comfortable balance between high quality job and affordability. It is safer to hang somewhere in the middle.

Think about experience

Experience matters so you should consider experience when you are trying to hire an app developer. However, you are likely to encounter a couple of challenges with this. First, a lot of inexperienced developers prefer to inflate their years of experience to attract clients. So, you might want to ask for documentary evidence to back up their claim.

The second challenge is that the developer with the most experience will likely offer the highest charges. This should not be a problem if the charges are within your budget but if not, you can only choose the developer with the most experience among the ones whose charges are within your budget.

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