These Common Industries Use Vegetable Glycerin the Most

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It is no secret that the food industry is an emerging industry that forces many researchers to innovate and find something new because of changing customer tastes, liking, and demands. The main reason people have been keen on these demands is because of global tourism.

However, one chemical that has found its way into the hearts of several industries like pharmaceuticals, foods and beverages, cosmetics, pest killers, canned foods, etc., is where to buy Vegetable Glycerin (VG).

Several industries regularly use VG in their products, and today we will uncover a few of them and look at the advantages of using VG.

Pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturers use VG as a humectant and lubricant. They are used in cough syrups, anesthetics, lozenges, antiseptics, etc. Some medicines also require the need of VG and hence are also found in capsules.

Food industry

Manufacturers in the food industry use VG to preserve the food. It is also used in some food as sweeteners. The humectant property of VG helps several foods retain their moisture.

Cosmetic industry

No other industry makes the best use of VG like the cosmetic industry. They are used in a wide range of cosmetic products. They are used in hair care products, skincare products, oral hygiene products, etc. It is used so much in the cosmetic industry that in 2014 the US FDA announced that Vegetable Glycerin is the third most used ingredient in the cosmetic industry. The first two were water and fragrance.

Health benefits of using VG

While more research is being carried out every day regarding the health benefits of VG, several proven benefits are listed below.

1- Helps relieve constipation

People suffering from constipation benefit the most from VG because of its laxative effects. However, the preferred and worried way is to administer the glycerin rectally.

This procedure helps soften the stool as the water is drawn towards the thick hardened stool. The laxative properties also help the bowel muscles contract and move efficiently.

2- Helps with athletic performance

Athletics would only benefit from the best quality glycerin. There are several types of glycerin available in the market. If you want the best glycerin, you must order Vegetable Glycerin of the highest quality to improve their performance.

During a sport, athletes lose a lot of water by sweat or urine. With glycerin in the body, they can retain the water and decrease urine volume. This ensures the athlete doesn’t fall prey to dehydration amidst the sport.

Parting words

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With several sellers available in the market, research the best seller and decide which is the most reputable seller, and buy the products from them.

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